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Baggy Hip Hop Shirts and What to Wear with Them

Baggy hip-hop shirts are favorite clothing ideas for those who adorn urban flair. They come in baggy and loose fitting design. Wearing these shirts, you will be able to move around easily and comfortably. In the 1990s, when this style was born, the shirts were intended for grunge music followers so that they were able to perform hip-hop dance easily. The hip-hop look will be successfully obtained if you pair the shirts with the right trousers and accessories. If you wear wrong trousers, for instance, you the hip-hop style cannot be highlighted, even you will look weird. Therefore, if you want to have a hip-hop style, you should pay attention to what to wear with the shirts.

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When choosing for a shirt in this kind of style, you should consider the occasion you are attending. For a formal event, a button-up shirt is the best choice. You can wear a blazer for more formal occasion. You can wear baggy and loose trousers to set off the baggy hip-hop shirts as what hip-hop dancers wear. A pair of cargo trousers is a good idea. A pair of baggy jeans is also another excellent idea. When typically hip-hop shirts have light colors, chose a dark color for your trousers. Actually there are some specialty fashion outlets that sell hip-hop clothing. Here, you can find what you need to pair you baggy shirt. Of course some famous hip-hop brands are Rocawear, Akademiks, Red Monkey, Ecko, Phat Farm, and many more. Branded products can be extremely expensive. Alternatively, you can modify your existing clothing to look like hip-hop clothing.

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Accessories always work well to enhance your appearance when you wear a particular style. A large chain really represents a hip hop style as hip hop dancers often wear such chains.  A true hip-hop dancer usually chooses gold chains. Of course these chains are expensive. You can buy cheaper ones for example those made of silver. You can paint the chain gold for more authentic look. The best place to shop for hip-hop accessories that can complement your baggy hip-hop shirts is a thrift store. This is a place where you can by many pieces of accessories in cheap prices. Apart from gold chains, you can also purchase aviator sunglasses, fitted caps, and other jewelry items here. Complete your look with hip-hop footwear such as casual shoes from Adidas, Air Max, Reeboks, Nike Air Jordan’s, and Pumas.

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