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Black Bridesmaids Dresses with the Best Makeup and Hairstyles

Usually bridesmaids are wearing pastel colored dress such as soft pink, light yellow, baby blue, and lavender. Black bridesmaids dresses, therefore, are unique and attractive at the same time. Typically, black dresses are used for a wedding with certain theme like a gothic wedding. Discuss with other bridesmaids how they will design their dress. It will look better of all bridesmaids wear different dresses’ design. Wearing the same design of black dresses looks a little bit boring. When you are appointed to be a bridesmaid of your best friend’s wedding, you should play with some colors for your makeup so the black dress can look magnificent. Classic red lips complement any black dresses. To apply the makeup, prepare lip liner, red lipstick, and lip brush. To ensure you make neat red lips, use a lip liner to line your lips before getting started. Finally apply the lipstick over the liner. However red lipstick is best matched to the bride. Meanwhile bridesmaids can choose other colors that are natural like pink or brown.

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Style you hair in chic ideas but do not try to compete with the bride. Go simple with a tight low bun. A classic look can be created with minimalist ornamentation. Actually a high bun also lends an elegant look. Dress the bun with hair pins or a flower with every simple style. Some bridesmaids are even more confident with loose hanging hair. This hair style is perfect for simple sheath black bridesmaids’ dresses. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, letting you hair hanging down is the best option especially those who do not have enough time for the makeup and hairstyle. If your black dress is trendy and modern, you can look even more sophisticated with a ponytail. Another classy idea of bridesmaid hairstyle is updo styles. Again, do not try to be more extravagant than the bride. Just do simple updo that goes with your black dress and natural makeup.

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When bridesmaids are wearing black bridesmaids’ dresses, there should be something vibrant that can be the focus of attention that is the wedding bouquet. Find flowers that blend with the black dress. Purple and vibrant pink is a great idea. The choices of flower depend on the whole wedding decoration and the theme. You do not have to bring the same wedding bouquet as those carried by other bridesmaids but the color must be similar.

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