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Black Hair with Red Highlights: The Current Hairstyle

Women with deep black hair are definitely beautiful. However, sometimes we just get bored of our current hair color. Adding highlights is the best idea to bring a new look. There are many highlights ideas for black hair as black hair can go well with just any color. Choose your favorite color, tone, or combination. Black hair with red highlights is the current hairstyle trend right now. Red itself has a number of shades from burgundy to bright vivid red. Although red is bold color, you still need to bleach your black strands before coloring. Ask a hairstylist to do it professionally to avoid hair damage due to the improper highlighting process. Also, red is difficult to achieve. Working on this highlighting project is risky except for those who have been experienced. The most appealing red highlights for black hair are red wine and dark cherry. These colors blend very well with natural dark hair including black.

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Black hair with red highlights, however, is difficult to maintain. In order to keep your vibrant red long lasting, you should take care of it properly. After the coloring process, wait at least two days to wash it. Before two days, the red color has not been fully set to the hair. If you wash it before two days, the red color will fade away easily. The key of long lasting hair color is the right shampoo and conditioner. Use the ones that specifically designed for color treated hair. There are some choices available in the market. Please be selective. Non all products are recommended by professional. Also, reduce the frequency of wash at least twice a week. Avoid the sun if possible. If you have outdoor activities, you can use sun-protective products and wear a cap.

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If you know how to take care of your black hair with red highlights, your hair will always look beautiful. If you are still not sure to make the decision of highlighting your hair, consult to your hairstylist. You can look for inspiration from Pinterest or tumblr. There are a lot of pictures of women in red highlights. See whether certain haircut looks better than the others. In this case, it is important for you to know the shape of your face and the type of hair you have. You may need to straighten or even curl your hair, add bangs, or try other styles to get the most effect of red highlights.

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