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Blue Wedding Underwear as a Fun Gift for Best Friend

Are you friend is getting married? You must be busy finding the right gift in her wedding shower. Wedding underwear is probably the one she is expecting. Brides are usually too busy preparing their wedding gown that they sometimes forget that wedding underwear is also another important thing that need to be prepared. There are a number of options that you can give to the bride-to-be. One of them is something blue. It may sound old-fashioned but the idea of ‘something blue, something old, something new, and something borrowed’ is still popular until right now. That is why this saying is considered as classic. Blue wedding underwear is a kind of tradition. It can also be a fun gift for a best friend. Blue is a kind of soft color that does not show under the wedding dress, so it can be a good and proper color idea.       

blue personalized wedding underwear

Sometime ‘something blue’ becomes the theme of the lingerie bridal shower. Giving a pair of sexy bra and panty as blue wedding underwear gift is a good idea. The bride will love to wear it at her big day. Think about something trendy such as blue silk thong or bikini. Since most of the guests will give her blue lingerie, while she may be expecting more varied underwear, you can think about other color that still goes with the team. For example, you can buy her white silky night gown with blue ribbon and lace. Or, try to find unusual shade of blue like teal, cobalt, blue gray, cornflower blue, or Cambridge blue. Do not pick color that you think other people will pick. Of course the bride does not want to have her closet filled with the same color of underwear, right? Even you can go out of the theme. It will be not a big problem to give her something pink or white.

blue wedding day underwear

Try to find blue wedding underwear that not only can be worn in the wedding day but also for her honeymoon and even the days after that. In order to avoid all the guests giving the same color and type of underwear, it is better if you cooperate with other guests, which are also your close girlfriends to buy the gift together, not individually. You can buy a set of underwear containing bras, panties, robes, nightgown, and camisoles in different colors. I bet the bride will love it so much.

baby blue wedding underwear

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