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Casual Long Mermaid Skirts with Pictures

Are you looking for casual long mermaid? You visit the right site, then.  It can be inferred from the name that here we will discuss some long mermaid skirts for casual occasions. Being casual is in the middle between formal and informal. This is sometimes difficult to keep the look not that formal yet nor informal. Luckily, long mermaid skirts are very versatile. To look casual, you just need to find the right outfits. Even if the skirt is formal, you can get a casual look by team it with less formal top and shoes. Here, you can see some pictures of casual long mermaid skirts. In order to look casual, the skirts can be made from denim. The color can be just anything. Add tiered cuts near the hem as you can see from the picture. Pair the skirt with tank top or blouse. You can reveal your belly if you want too. Wear flip-flops or wedges. Find the right flip-flops. Flat flip-flops are considered as too informal. So, find the ones with more height. Other open shoes also work well.

casual long mermaid skirts girls

The black casual long mermaid skirts you see in the second picture are actually formal skirts. They are often worn by business women for a business meeting, dinner, and other formal occasions. But, with such formal skirts, you are still able to look casual. The girl in the picture wears the black sleek long mermaid skirt with a shirt which is rolled up so her stomach is revealed. For the shoes, she even wears a pair of sneakers in matching color with the shirt. Her messy hairstyle is also useful to reduce the formality of the skirt. As a result, the skirt becomes casual.

casual long mermaid skirts pictures

You can either wear plain casual long mermaid skirts or those with motifs. When deciding to wear the ones without patterns, it is easy to find the tops. The tops can be either with or without motifs. But, when you wear patterned long mermaid skirt, you should find a top without motifs. Look at the picture below. The left picture comes with attractive pattern. You must like it. Find something soft to pair the skirt. A cardigan in pastel color will be a good idea because it looks nice and girly. The right picture on the other hand, looks more formal. So, you should alleviate the formal look by wearing big bangles on your wrist.

casual long mermaid skirts women

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