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Cool Cartilage Earrings Ideas

cool cartilage earrings for women

Ear cartilage is a common area for women to have ear piercings. There are many ideas of earrings from the simplest to the most ornate ones. Some of them are even unique and unusual. The most classic style among cool cartilage earrings is stud. Besides, it is also the most versatile one. Unlike studs worn by men which are simple, ... Read More »

Gucci Belt with Diamonds by Alexander Amosu

Gucci belt with diamonds for sale

Belt is a part of men’s fashion. This piece is a must addition for any occasions especially the formal ones like attending wedding invitation, gala dinner, or work in the office. Men wearing a good belt look very sophisticated and masculine. Some men are even willing to spend thousands dollars for their belt. One of the most expensive belts in ... Read More »

20 Gram Gold Necklace Designs for Women

20 gram gold necklace designs trend

Jewelry is women’s admiration. From bracelets to necklaces, there are many fashionable designs available in the market. Just like when you choose a dress they are going wear, necklaces should be selected in such a way that can suit your style preference and body types. Big necklaces are now very popular because they can generate a bold statement. There are ... Read More »

Vivienne Westwood Belt Fashion for both Men and Women

vivienne westwood belt men

Belt is not only for men but for women too. Women need a belt for several purposes. It functions not only to give a finishing look but to hide imperfection. Vivienne Westwood Belt is available in numerous styles. You can choose one of them depending on your figure such as skinny belts for women having slim waists, low-slung belts to ... Read More »

Dolce & Gabbana Earrings for Anniversary Gift

dolce & gabbana earrings 2012

Are you looking for an anniversary gift for your girlfriend? There are countless ideas of charm for this special moment. The more special the gift, the happier she will be. You need to know that every woman is fond of branded items. Find branded pieces that are out of ordinary to commemorate the event. Giving something that she can frequently ... Read More »

Dolce & Gabbana eyewear 2013 for Sophisticated Look

dolce & gabbana eyewear 2013

Nowadays, eyewear is more than just a device to improve vision but it is a part of fashion. People wear glasses not only to see better but to enhance their appearance. Even, people with healthy eyes are interested to wear fashionable glasses that can add fashion statement. It is no wonder if at this moment there are various styles of ... Read More »

Vivienne Westwood Bracelet as Good Gifts for Women

vivienne westwood bracelet pearls

Giving a prestigious thing for someone we love is a necessity. It is one way to show our love. A gift can also signify particular meaning. Choosing a special gift for a woman can be a daunting decision. Try to see the collections of Vivienne Westwood bracelet. I bet your beloved will feel very glad receiving this bracelet from your ... Read More »

Black Pearl Wedding Band for a Timeless Treasure

black pearl wedding band trends

Are you looking for a timeless treasure of a wedding band? Black pearl wedding band can be the best idea. Pearls have flawless textures and deluxe shine, and the black ones are considered as the rarest pearls. Black pearl wedding rings are also regarded as unique rings because the black pearls can create an exceptional combination of oppressive flash and ... Read More »

Black Marriage Ring Has Its Own Meaning

black marriage ring images

What do you think of black marriage ring? Perhaps there are people who still associate black rings with bad luck or negative things. Even there is an old saying stating that a marriage will not last forever if the couple wears a black wedding ring. But this is just myth that you should not believe. Instead, black wedding rings are ... Read More »