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Vintage Ring for Man in Signet Settings

vintage ring for man images

When it comes to look for vintage ring for man, signet rings become the most popular choice. In the past time, signet rings were only worn by men and women from high social status. At this present time, signet rings as well as other vintage rings can be worn by anyone regardless their social status. Signet rings are chosen because ... Read More »

Unique Promise Rings for Her in Canary Diamond Design

unique promise rings for her trends

Many couples like to wear a ring as a symbol of their relationship. Promise rings are often called as pre-engagement rings. Wearing such rings, the couple is committed to have a serious relationship so they will not date someone else. Every couple has a unique love and story. Unique promise rings can represent the uniqueness of your relationship. Being unique ... Read More »

Hello Kitty Engagement Ring: Fine or Funny?

hello kitty engagement ring swarovski

Many young women are crazy about hello kitty ring. When are planning for engagement, most of them ask their boyfriend to give them a hello kitty engagement ring instead of a classic beautiful expensive ring. The question is it is appropriate to propose a woman with hello kitty ring? Many people will say no. There are reasons why people think ... Read More »

Fashion Ring Trends for Women

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Fashion ring trends mean that the ring is fashionable, comfortable, and it is absolutely personal meaning that every individual has her own style. Therefore although many designers, jewelry stores, or even celebrities try to become the trendsetter, individuals do not need to always follow the trend because fashion is a matter of personality. Generally some fashion has meaning. Love often ... Read More »

3 Stone Diamond Ring for Engagement

3 stone diamond ring images

Engagement always becomes a special moment for everybody. In this occasion, ring becomes an important part because it is the symbol of the relationship between the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be. There can be a lot of engagement ring styles that you can choose. Are you heading to an engagement? You must start thinking from now on what kind or kind ... Read More »

Classic Engagement Ring for Timeless Beauty

classic engagement ring styles

When choosing for engagement ring, of course you need to consider the one that has a timeless beauty to represent your everlasting love that is endless. Rings that were considered as valuable in the past time and are still valuable today as well as in the future have classic value. Classic engagement ring may feature a variety of diamonds from ... Read More »

Guys Promise Rings Styles

guys promise rings amazon

Traditionally, most jewelry retailers only concern about women’s ring. Nowadays, many jewelry stores also sell different styles of rings for men. It is because now men also buy rings both for special moments and casual daily wear meaning that have become part of the jewelry markets’ consumer just like women. One of the types of men’s ring is guys promise ... Read More »

Pink Diamond Rings Design Ideas

pink diamond rings uk

Pink diamond rings are popular for their colorlessness that also makes them have higher value. Such fancy-colored diamonds are hard to find. This rarity also increases their value that makes them even more precious than white diamonds. Even, pink diamond is the rarest among other types of diamonds. It can be understood, then, with its various shades of pink, all ... Read More »

Heart Wedding Rings to Represent Love and Romance

heart wedding rings images

Heart wedding rings are aesthetically very appealing. The pleasing look is generated from the way light refracts off of the proportioned facets. Typically this ring holds diamond although there are also heart-shape wedding rings with other gemstones. It requires a certain technique to create the heart-cut diamond. Many people love to use wedding rings in heart diamond shape because of ... Read More »

Earrings Beaded Handmade Ideas

beaded handmade trends

Making earrings beaded handmade your own is a very challenging project. You can design your own earrings based on your creativity. You even create an accessory with a very unique design as you want. Moreover, you can save money. Usually ready-made earrings with less quality cost more than handmade jewelry. The idea can formal or casual. The key in making ... Read More »