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Marquise Engagement Ring Unique Settings

marquise engagement ring design

Marquise engagement ring is very beautiful. Are you familiar with marquise cut? Perhaps you are more familiar with round or square diamond cut. However marquise jewelry is more appealing. A diamond cut in Marquise is able to give appropriate and eye-pleasing shapes. Engagement ring in this setting has an outstanding sleek look that generated from the elegance and beauty of ... Read More »

Silver Pandora Bracelet in More Personalized Design

silver pandora bracelet charms

Pandora is a popular jewelry line brand name. The name Pandora is taken from one of Greek Gods. There are some Pandora jewelry items such as necklaces, pendant, watches, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Among the items, silver Pandora bracelet is the most popular one. Many people like this kind of bracelet because of its design. The bracelets are made of ... Read More »

Beaded Gemstone Jewelry Types

beaded gemstone jewelry trends

Beaded jewelry is made of gemstone beads in various shapes, size, and colors. They are used to make jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, and the like. Each type of gemstone offers different look from other gemstones. Usually beaded jewelry is made by incorporating different stones to add textures and colors. There are some types of common beaded gemstone jewelry ... Read More »

Beaded Necklace designs Ideas

beaded necklace design pictures

Beaded necklace designs are popular among young women as they belong to fashion jewellery that can add statement. Beaded necklaces can be designed in numerous ways. You can have them designed in simple string of beads or elaborate designs incorporating various ornate elements. A beaded necklace is a cheap way to go unique. In order to create a necklace which ... Read More »

Unique Diamond Wedding Bands in Different Styles

unique diamond wedding bands images

Diamond is considered as the most precious gemstones in the earth. As well as other stones, diamond can be cut in numerous ways to display the facets. When choosing a diamond for your wedding, it is important to know different cuts of diamond because ever cut brings its own unique characteristics into play. There are already some common cuts for ... Read More »

Black Gold Wedding Sets in Elegant Design

black gold wedding sets images

Nowadays, people are getting interested in more unique ideas when it comes to plan their wedding. It is because they want to make this special event memorable for anybody especially for the couples themselves. One of the wedding elements includes the choice of a wedding ring set for the groom and the bride. Black gold wedding sets can be a ... Read More »

Blue Sapphire Rings in Royal Timeless Beauty

blue sapphire rings for men

Blue sapphire is originated from some Asian countries such as Myanmar, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. The brightest and lightest sapphire is from Sri Lanka. In this country, the biggest blue sapphire was also found. Deep blue sapphire rings have been regarded as one of the most beautiful rings for centuries. There is a myth that blue sapphire brings a fortune ... Read More »

Black Gold Ring Special Piece Jewellery

black gold ring with amethyst

 Are you looking for a unique and special piece or ring? You can consider of black gold ring. Naturally gold comes in white or yellow color. Through some techniques more various colors can be produced by this precious metal. The technique requires mixing two or more metals in various proportions. Black gold is often identical with gothic. But it is ... Read More »

Handmade jewellery ideas for Your Inspiration

handmade jewellery ideas pictures

Sometimes it is hard to find a jewellery piece that suits our personality and style. Why don’t then we think about some handmade jewellery ideas? They can be custom-designed thus can be personalized as you desire. Compared to mass produced jewellery, handmade jewellery is usually more unique. Even if it is made by a reputable jewellery designer, the quality is ... Read More »

Nipple Piercing Jewelry Design Ideas

nipple piercing jewelry types

Are you interested to wear nipple piercing jewelry? I think it can be a good idea that you should try regardless the risks that may occur. Nipple piercing, if is done unprofessionally can cause problems like irritation, tearing, mastitis, and even infection. But as long as you ask a professional piercer to do the work, everything will be okay. Still, ... Read More »