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Antique Engagement Settings in Victorian Style

antique engagement settings images

One of the ring ideas with antique engagement settings is the one in Victorian style. As the name implies, the style of the ring was originated from Victoria era which took place in the 1830s until the end of 1890s.  This style is different from other styles, particularity those of modern era in a way that Victoria style incorporates typical ... Read More »

Solitaire Ring Designs for Your Engagement Ring

solitaire ring designs for men

Solitaire ring designs feature only a single stone set on the band. They are a good idea for your engagement ring as the rings are sparkling and shining making the wearer stand out of the crowd. Actually the stone can be any stone as the wearers want. But when it comes to engagement, many people choose a single diamond cut ... Read More »

Engagement Rings Vintage Style in Beautiful Design

engagement rings vintage inspired

Engagement rings vintage styles are pretty and timeless. They represent your love which is wonderful and everlasting. There are some ideas of vintage rings that can be suitable for your engagement moment. If your budget allows, think about three-stone rings. Each stone in the ring has its own meaning. Each of them symbolizes the past of the couple’s relationship (a ... Read More »

Gift Box Jewelry Ideas

gift box jewelry images

Heading to a birthday of someone special can be frustrating in a way that you should find the right gift for her. Usually men think of giving their partner a set of jewelry to show their love. I think that is a good idea since women love jewelry. If you are planning to buy your wife, fiancée, or girlfriend a ... Read More »

Ring Diamond Green Dazzles with Brilliance

ring diamond green pictures

Some diamonds come in rare color. One of them is green diamond. Green is not only rare also attractive color. Ring diamond green currently available today is the one that has been enhanced through heat treatment to result in fancy green color. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find natural green diamond. Even, some jewelers find that enhanced green diamond ... Read More »

Tiffany Blue Diamond with Its Electrifying Color

tiffany blue diamond 2013

There are many colors presented by a diamond. When you already think that white, pink, or black has been too common. You can try blue diamond. Blue diamond generally represents youth, peace, truth, sincerity, and inspiration. Actually there are many types of blue color such as turquoise, aqua, sapphire, and many more. Formerly, blue diamond was not really popular. However, ... Read More »

Big Engagement Rings: Stylish or Gaudy?

big engagement ring uk

Fashion jewelry is always changing time to time. Nowadays, big engagement rings are becoming very popular. Many world-class celebrities have worn such huge rings in their engagement or even in their wedding ceremony. In the end of last year, Crystal Harris showed off her massive engagement ring when walking down the aisle. The ring totally stole attention. Before the wedding ... Read More »

Simple Wedding Ring Sets for Your Inspiration

simple wedding ring sets pictures

It is a very extremely romantic idea when a couple has a macthing ring that matches one to another. There are many choices of rings. Some couples may like the ones adorned in ornate while while some others probably prefer simple rings to the ones whith complicated settings. Simple wedding ring sets are the best option for those who like ... Read More »