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Rings Pink Camo for Natural Outdoor Feel

rings pink camo images

Rings pink camo is now very popular for both engagement and wedding. These two events are identical with romantic atmosphere can that be gained from the pink color of the camo ring. This kind of ring is very suitable for couples who love adventuring in outdoor life. Wearing a ring in an outdoor setting is risky meaning that the ring ... Read More »

Nipple Ring Jewelry for Women

nipple ring jewelry 2013

Although wearing nipple ring jewelry is not quite common for some people, there are many women who like to wear it. Women wear a nipple ring through a piercing in their nipple. The rings can be worn in both nipples or just in one of them. Some of them have a simple design and made of gold or silver while ... Read More »

White Gold Ring with Opal in a Beautiful Design

white gold ring with opal 2013

Nowadays many white gold rings has an opal on it. White gold is known as strong metal whose quality is measured by its carat. It is a versatile metal meaning that white gold ring can be worn in a number of occasions whether they are every wear or special moments. Gold ring often can be embellished with diamonds, pearls, and ... Read More »

Pandora Bracelet Silver Collections

pandora bracelet silver clasp simplicity

Many people choose silver bracelet because silver has a brighter color than other metals such as titanium. Moreover, they can be designed and resized well because the metal is softer than titanium. That is why although the cost is considered as expensive, silver bracelet still has a high demand in the jewelry market. Pandora, one of the leading jewelers, offers ... Read More »

Pink Wedding Ring Sets Design Ideas

pink wedding ring sets trend

Wedding ring set include a set of men’s and women’s wedding rings. Sometimes engagement rings are also included in the set. Pink wedding ring sets can be incredible options for your wedding band. Every piece in the set should complement one to another. It means every piece should incorporate pink accents. For women, if the wedding ring set consists of ... Read More »

Ring Designs for Men in the Best Metals

There are numerous things that should be put into consideration when choosing the best ring designs for men. Things like how well the metal is able to preserve its brilliance and bear up scratches are important to think about. Also, consider whether the metal is durable enough to forbid engraving or resizing that later in may need replacement of the ... Read More »

Wedding Women Rings in Antique Style

wedding women rings images

Rings are important in a wedding because they symbolize a unity of two people in a very sacred and beautiful moment. Therefore, when choosing for wedding rings, you should choose the perfect rings which are suitable with your taste and the wedding theme. For example, if your wedding ceremony and party is thrown in antique or classic theme, you should ... Read More »

Victoria Beckham Sunglasses for Your Inspiration

Victoria Beckam Sunglasses aviator

Fashion styles performed by world-class celebrities always become a trend-setter with countless followers. The styles include dresses, jewelry, and even accessories. There are many names of celebrity that are closely related to fashion inspirer. If Carey Mulligan inspires many women with her fancy handbag and Kate Middleton inspires many women with her graceful gowns, Victoria Beckham is the most popular ... Read More »

Platinum Ring Designs for Men for Wedding

platinum ring designs for men trends

Platinum is often used as wedding bands. It is because this material offer more benefits compared to other materials. This material is suitable to make wedding rings for either men or women. Platinum ring designs for men may come in either intricate or simple design. This material is considered as one of the precious metals and can be attractively designed ... Read More »

Promise Rings for Him in Several Types

promise rings for him amazon

Rings speak thousand words. Have you ever gave a promise ring to your boyfriend? A promise ring is often given from a woman to her partner or vice versa. As the name implies, the ring is given as a symbol of a promise between a couple about their relationship. If you plan to give a kind of ring to your ... Read More »