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Short Purple Prom Dresses Design Ideas

short purple prom dresses with sleeves cheap

Purple is considered by many people as elegant color. No wonder if this color is often seen in prom dresses. Either it long or short, purple dresses are always suitable for prom. For young girls, short purple prom dresses are more favorable, while older women opt for long purple dresses. In this article, we will talk more about the short ... Read More »

Nice Simple Prom Dresses yet Trendy

nice simple prom dresses 2013

Heading to a prom, women usually get busy in dress fitting. As prom is considered as something big, they often choose to wear complicated dresses. In fact, there are many nice simple prom dresses that you can consider. Being simple is never wrong. Simplicity is closed to elegance. It is also the best option for those who are in low ... Read More »

Long Dresses for Chubby Women for Formal Parties

long dresses for chubby women formal

Women with chubby face often find it difficult to select formal dresses that can make their face slimmer. Moreover, chubby women typically also have large figure. Therefore, they need plus size dresses. It is not easy to find the right dresses for this kind of women. The task is getting harder when the women wish to wear long dresses. If ... Read More »

White Puffy Prom Dresses Accented with Sequins

white puffy prom dresses pictures

One of beautiful dresses for prom is puffy prom dress. Puffy dresses are dresses which have a rounded shape skirt because it is gathered in at the bottom. The skirt can be pulled together in folds. Puffy dresses are also known as puffball dresses. The name is inspired by puffball, a large white round fungus that can be eaten. Generally ... Read More »

Victoria Beckham Evening Dresses in Glamorous Style

victoria beckham evening dress collection

I think everyone will agree to call Victoria Beckham as one of the famous fashion icons in the world. Many years ago, people believed that she was born to be a famous singer. But time had changed. Spice Girls does no longer exist. Now Victoria Beckham is more popular as a fashion lover. She always wears trendy and latest dresses. ... Read More »

Short Pink Prom Dresses with Diamonds for Special Occasions

short pink prom dresses under 100

Diamond is not only found in jewelry but now you can find this sparkling and valuable stone in clothes. Some women’s dresses especially those worn for evening wear like prom or wedding are often embellished with diamond. For special occasions like prom or birthday, short pink prom dresses with diamonds look very pretty and trendy. Such dresses will make you ... Read More »

Corset Birthday Dresses for Girls

corset birthday dresses 2013

Birthday is one of important occasions in a girl’s life. Usually girls throw a party to celebrate the birthday. Unlike prom, where everybody wants to be a queen, in your birthday party, you should stand out as it is all about you. Do not let the guests look more shining than you. Therefore, selecting the best dress is important. Corset ... Read More »

Puffy Pink Prom Dresses and Their Complementing Shoes

puffy pink prom dresses uk

Puffy pink prom dresses are definitely gorgeous. They will look even more beautiful if you wear the right shoes. In order to select the complementing shoes for your puffy pink dress, you should know the prom night setting. Typically prom night is set in a formal setting where the guess should wear formal evening wear. Usually long gowns are necessary ... Read More »

Short Feather Dresses for Special Occasions

short feather dresses pictures

Feather has been used as material for dresses since the last decade. Even, it became one of the biggest trends a couple years ago. Feather dresses, therefore, are getting mushroomed. They often appear in special occasions and are available in any high street shops. Many designer dresses are often seen in catwalks and red carpet events. Designers like Christian Cota ... Read More »

Classy Dresses for Teenagers from Celebrity Designers

classy dresses for teenagers 2013

Prom is one of the most important events for teen girls. They always want to look perfect at the prom night. One of the keys to be the start in the event is to wear a perfect dress. A beautiful dress does not mean that it should have a designer label. But of course, wearing a designer dress is an ... Read More »