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Classy Red Wedding Dress: How to Find It

classy red wedding dress 2013

White dresses are no longer popular for modern evening wedding. Modern brides now opt for colored wedding dress for their wedding. One of the popular colors is classy red. This vibrant color is very elegant, thus perfect for formal evening occasions like wedding and prom. Classy red wedding dress gives a chance for the wearer to express her individualism and ... Read More »

Tight Camo Prom Dresses that Flatter Your Body

tight camo prom dresses pictures

Camo patterns have been used for women prom dresses since many years ago. Probably five years ago, you found it difficult to see camo prom dresses in the market. But nowadays, they are available widely in the market. Due the various availability of the design, you should be able to make the right choice. Opt for the flattering tight camo ... Read More »

Long Feather Prom Dresses in Many Different Styles

long feather and sequin prom dresses

Feathers are a timeless trend in fashion. Feather has been widely used in fashion since many times ago, especially as material to make women’s dress. Dresses made of feather are absolutely unique. That is why many girls love to wear feather-featured dress for their memorable prom night. It is always a priority to pick a beautiful and charming gown for ... Read More »

Princess Dresses Soft Blue for Prom

Princess Dresses Soft Blue picture

Prom is one of the occasions that every young girl is waiting for. In this event they will gather with their friends, dance, and have fun all the night. The most important thing in a prom is a dress they wear. Prom belongs to formal event although there are a few of prom night parties set in less formal atmosphere. ... Read More »

Blue Colored Prom Dresses Design Ideas

tiffany blue colored Prom Dresses

Blue is a soft color that all women surely like. It is a symbol of femininity and calm personality. In fact, not only calm women, others with different kinds of personality like to wear blue colored dresses because they just love the color. It can be said this color is both universal and versatile. Blue dress is ideal for any ... Read More »

Black Cheetah Prom Dresses in Versatile Look

black leopard prom dress

I am always interested in animal printed dresses. For me, the beauty of dresses with animal prints is irreplaceable. Animal printed dresses are versatile. Due the development of styles and designs, the dress can be feminine, sexy, casual, or glamour. That is why I love to wear such dresses in many different occasions. This weekend, for example, I am attending ... Read More »

Long Tight Camo Prom Dress that Shows Off Your Figure

long tight camo prom dress trend

Long tight gown that huge women’s figure is sexy. The gown will shows off your body shape from the top to the bottom. This kind of dress is not for everyone. It is for those who have ideal body shape and are confident to show it off. Long tight camo prom dress can be a good idea because the camo ... Read More »

Red Cheetah Prom Dress to Create Bold Statement

high low cheetah red prom dress

Generally prom dresses come without any prints. Wearing a prom dress in animal prints, in fact, can add bold statement. As long as the right prints are selected, animal printed prom dress can look elegant and sexy. There are some ideas of animal print such as leopard, zebra, and cheetah. Among all of those prints, the most favorite one is ... Read More »

Victorian Dresses for Prom Night

victorian style dresses for prom

Every girl always dreams to wear the most beautiful dress in a prom night and to be accompanied with the cutest man. If the prom you are going to attend has a classic theme, especially Victorian theme, you can benefit from the unique and romantic look of Victorian dresses for prom. As the name entails, the prom dresses are inspired ... Read More »

Victorian Dancing Dresses to Stand Out at the Ball

victorian dancing dresses for girls

Are you invited to a Victorian theme ball? In this kind of party, usually all of the guests will be asked to dance. As the theme is Victorian, of course you should dress as what people dresses up during 1837 or 1901. Although the style of Victorian dancing dresses developed in several ways, the basic style is more or less ... Read More »