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Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair: Things to Consider

blonde highlights in brown hair 2013

Many women with brown hair often add blonde highlights to make their natural hair looks lively. Highlights according to many hairstylists are sophisticated and sexy. Highlight is the best attention getter for those who want to make a new look. I think everybody agree with me. Blonde highlights are gorgeous and famous. In addition they are versatile. Blonde highlights in ... Read More »

Hair Styles Black Men in Modern Style

curly hair styles black men

African-American men or black men have a variety of hairstyles. Some of them prefer short hair while the others feel confident with longer hair. For those who like short hair, close cuts become the most favorable one among other hair styles black men. Even some mind do not mind going bald. By going bald or nearly bad, there is less ... Read More »

Wedding Updos Black Women Ideas and Tips

wedding hair updos black women

Wedding updos are the most popular hairstyles among brides including for black women. However, black women typically have thick dry hair and it can be challenging to style. So, if you want to do wedding updos black women, the hair hour should be threatened first. At least a month prior to the wedding, you should start taking care of your ... Read More »

Man Hair Style for Blacks: Hairstyle Tips

curly hair styles black men

Just like African-African women, black men also have the similar type of hair which is dry and thick. Men, therefore, may face problems in styling their hair. In fact, it is important for them to have a great-looking hair to complete their outfit. The best hairstyle helps impress special someone and enhance confidence as well. A good look starts from ... Read More »

Retro Hairstyles Men in Sophisticated Style

retro hairstyles men 2013

Retro hairstyles are not only popular among women but among men, too. While women have some retro options like casual long, messy medium length, and fringe, men also have their own style. Retro hairstyles men are originated from the 1950s. Since the last three years, retro hairstyle has come back to be in vogue. Retro hairstyles are considered as sophisticated, ... Read More »

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights to be Done at Home

brown hair with blonde highlights miley cyrus

Brown hair with blonde highlights is very popular right now. This hairstyle has been sported by many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and many more. Good result of blonde highlights on your brown hair can be achieved with the help of professional hairstylist. However, with a moderate skin level you can do this project on your own ... Read More »

Black Hair with Red Highlights: The Current Hairstyle

black hair with red highlights hairstyles

Women with deep black hair are definitely beautiful. However, sometimes we just get bored of our current hair color. Adding highlights is the best idea to bring a new look. There are many highlights ideas for black hair as black hair can go well with just any color. Choose your favorite color, tone, or combination. Black hair with red highlights ... Read More »

Plus Size Formal Hairstyle for Women with a Round Face

plus size formal hairstyles

Plus size women usually have a round and chubby face. Most of them feel unconfident with their chubby cheeks, chin, and neck. Sometimes, these women find it difficult to find plus size formal hairstyle that can make their large facial area looks slimmer. Luckily, you can play some tricks and tips to make your face appear not only slimmer but ... Read More »

Simple Long Hair Updo that Looks Fabulous

simple long hair updos

All women will agree that long hair updo is fabulous. However, not many of them know simple long hair updo that can be done easily without spending a lot of time and money. In fact, creating hair updo is not really difficult. There is no need to go to a salon to create a pretty updo. Forget about straightening or ... Read More »