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Hairstyles for Flower Girls on Weddings

hairstyles for flower girls with tiara

All girls are really glad when they are appointed to be a flower girl in a wedding. It makes them feel like a little bride in a way that they will ask their mother to prepare anything from the gown to hairstyle. When it comes to talk about hairstyles, we should choose the right one from them. Usually flower girls ... Read More »

Emo Purple Hair Dye Ideas for Teenagers

emo purple hair dye picture

Hairstyles for young people are a reflection of their style and personality. Sometimes, teenagers just want to try a unique style that can make them stand out from the crowd. One of the bold hairstyles for teenagers is emo hairstyles. Emo purple hair dye is bold and bright, representing the confidence, spirit, bravery, and youthfulness. This hairstyle was once identical ... Read More »

Men Waves Hair Tips

men waves haircuts

Men waves hair is a popular hairstyle especially for black men and African-American community. It is often called as 360 waves. The hair is cropped very close to the head. It looks a lot like a Caesar cut styling. This hairstyle is favorable for men because it is visually tempting and fairly easy to maintain. Are you interested in this ... Read More »

Honey Blonde Hair Color for a Trendy Bombshell

honey blonde hair color dark and lovely

Do you notice that honey blonde is this season’s hot new hair color? Nicole Richie, Beyonce, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, and many other famous stars have flaunted their flattering honey blonde hair color in many events. These celebrities inspire many women to choose this shade to give a sexy look.  Every haircut from messy bob to long updo looks more ... Read More »

Hair Highlights Caramel Ideas

hair highlights caramel color

Hair highlights caramel works best for dark brown hair such as seal brown, sepia, or chocolate brown. It looks gorgeous on brown hair because caramel has golden undertone color. These highlights can make any haircut look very trendy. It means that no matter what your haircut is, your brown hair will look more fabulous with caramel highlights. These highlights do ... Read More »

Purple Brown Hair: A Hot New Hairdo

purple brown hair selena gomez

Do you want a hot new hairdo? One of the ways to change your look is to have a new hair color. But it does not need to be too extreme. Purple brown hair can be an attractive way to create a bold statement in a classy way. This color reminds us to Selena Gomez. This singer looks very fabulous ... Read More »

Caramel Highlights for Dark Brown Hair for Easy Makeover

caramel highlights for dark brown hair 2013

Are you thinking of a makeover to brighten up your look? Sometimes it is just necessary to experiment with a variety of shades if you feel a little bit bored with your dark brown hair. Women with such brown hair can look different overnight with lighter highlights. You are lucky if you have dark brown because there are a range ... Read More »

Brown Hair and Blonde Highlights for summer

light brown hair and blonde highlights

Heading to summer, people are busy looking for an idea for their hair to debut a new look. Summer is blissful, so is you hair. Summer is identical with airy and bright and people like to spend their time outside under the sun. You can try different hair that looks better for either tanner skin or sunless tan. Summer is ... Read More »

Black Hair with Light Brown Highlights in Natural Look

black hair with light brown highlights pics

Highlights are a way to create a new different look without changing the hair color entirely. Black hair is beautiful. Why take a risk to change your entire hair color? You can just add light brown highlights to change up your look in a more natural look. Black hair with light brown highlights is now very popular. Many famous celebrities ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyle with Flowers for Spring Nuptials

tamil wedding hairstyle with flowers

There are many ways to adorn wedding hairstyle. You can add decorative hair pins, sleek ribbons, metal barrettes, tiara, and flowers. For a spring wedding, it will a good idea if you add some flowers to decorate your hairstyle. Spring season is identical with flowers. Many kinds of flowers bloom at this beautiful season such as dahlia, lily, daffodil, and ... Read More »