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Easy Cute Nail to Experiment with

cute easy nail art

Because nail polish is affordable, you can easily experiment with some cool trends. Having a lot of practices is beneficial to enhance your skill. As a bonus, your nails will always change following the latest style. So, take your time when applying new nail designs and see whether the designs look good on your nails. Remember to clean your nails ... Read More »

Hot Nail Designs for Summer

hot nail designs spring 2013

Today is summer and this is the time to change your style with a new one. People celebrate this summer with new fashion style, new hair style, new makeup, and new nails. One of the hot nail designs for summer is neon nail polish. The style incorporates some ultra bright colors, representing the bright and colorful season. Neon nails come ... Read More »

Black Nail Lacquer to Polish Your Nails

black nail polish

Black nail lacquer is often used to polish nails for a professional or an evening affair. Polishing nails with black lacquer results in a chic and great look. There are some nail designs that use this kind of lacquer. The most popular one is the French nail manicure. This style usually is done with black or at least dark lacquer ... Read More »

Small Nail Designs in Lovely Ideas

small nails design ideas

Some people have smaller nails than others. Some of them are not very confident with these small nails. In fact, small nails can be beautiful too. There are a lot of small nail designs that can turn your nails into beautiful nails. Although your nails are small, you can still find some creative ideas which are out of box. You ... Read More »

Nail Design DIY: How to Do It

nail diy design easy

Nail painting has been around for years. You can have your nails painted professionally in many beauty salons. But, you may be surprised with the amount of money you should spend. It may be true that cost represents its quality. Nail design DIY is probably one of the solutions for this money problem. Do-it-yourself project means you paint your nails ... Read More »

Beautiful Nails for Girls Ideas

beautiful nails games for girls

Nails in bright colors attract many girls recently. Now, girls do not only pat attention to lipsticks and eye shadows but also their nails. With some trendy nail painting ideas, you can have beautiful nails for girls. Have you ever heard French manicure nails? These nails, as the name implies, are originated from France but now they are very popular ... Read More »

Cute Nail Designs Ideas

cute nail designs 2013

Whether you have short or long nails, women always find it fun to experiment with nails. Now, women do not need to go to beauty salons to get their nails polished because they can do it themselves. There are many cute nail designs that women will like. Many of them are quick designs meaning that it does not need a ... Read More »