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Austin Scarlett Wedding Dresses: The Art of Coutoure

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Inspired by vintage Paris couture, Austin Scarlett, the 29 years old American Fashion designer, tries to design romantic and delicate wedding dresses for fall bridal collection 2013. He combines classical grace and creativity with special techniques to make alluring wedding dresses that captivates the senses and set a romantic ambience. The fall 2013 collection and all of his collections really ... Read More »

Carolina Herrera Wedding Dresses: Fall Bridal Collection 2013

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Famous designers always create new design for every season. This March, Carolina Herrera revealed fall bridal collection 2013. This collection contains some Carolina Herrera wedding dresses to welcome fall that already began in Australia. This Venezuelan-American fashion designer presents a modest delicacy on her design. Delicate and elegant embroidery details are incorporated in the design. If you plan to throw ... Read More »

Blue Wedding Dresses for Special Weddings

Blue is a favorite color for wedding both for the decoration and for the wedding dress because it is soft, lovely, bold, and vibrant. Just like white, blue is also a symbol of purity. There is a belief that if you marry in blue your love will last forever. Even modern people still believe this. How about you? Do agree ... Read More »

Muslim Wedding Dresses in Creative Designs

muslim wedding dresses pictures

Muslim wedding dresses are very popularly worn in some countries which the majority of people are Islam such as in Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Egypt, etc. The dresses do not only reflect the religious aspect but also culture. Every country may have different design. But, basically the idea of Muslim clothing for women is just the same. It should cover ... Read More »

Wedding Dress Designer – How to Choose the Right One

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Many brides want to look special in their wedding because all eyes will be on them on the wedding day. That is why they always look for the most special wedding dress designer. It is fun and exciting spending time to shop for a bridal gown. But the excitement may turn into a little stressful feeling if in the middle ... Read More »

Purple Wedding Dresses for Relaxed yet Elegant Wedding

dark purple wedding dresses

Nowadays, people are getting more interested to break away from classic white bridal dress. White is still the most favorite color for wedding dresses but many bold colors appears as the alternative of white. One of them is purple wedding dresses. Purple is considered as a bold color. Actually wedding dresses in this color have been popular since 1960s. At ... Read More »

Cotton Wedding Dress: The First Choice for summer

cotton wedding dress beach

When choosing for a wedding dress, people usually focus only on the design. Actually, the choice of fabrics is also important in selecting a wedding dress. Wedding dresses may be made of various materials such as chiffon, satin, organza, cotton, etc. Cotton wedding dress is actually not as popular as chiffon dresses. But when it comes to talk about a ... Read More »