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Cinderella Style Dress for an Evening Party

Cinderella style dress is both classic and classy. This dress style is never out-of-date. Even, until now it is still popular among women of all ages. What does the dress look like? From the name, it can be known that the dress is like what Cinderella wears in her story. It means you will look like a princess when wearing Cinderella dress. The dress is often called as ball gown as in the Cinderella story, such dresses are worn to attend a party of a ball. These dresses are perfect for evening party. There is no fix style of what is called as Cinderella dress. Everyone has his or her own definition. Often, Cinderella dress comes alive with a classic and vintage ball gown of tulle in some soft colors such as blue, pink, and yellow.

cinderella style prom dress

Cinderella style dress comes in various fabrics and colors. Because of that, you should opt for a dress that suit the formal occasion you plan to attend. Usually, women like to wear something vintage as they will look elegant and feminine. Indeed, it is true. Consider Victorian dress that comes from 1950s or 1960s. The dresses of this era are often made of silk, taffeta, and chiffon for a flowing effect. They include strapless necklines and full skirts with boned bodices and long elegant gloves. Dressing in this way, you will feel like you really live in Victorian era.

cinderella style prom dress

Although is identical Cinderella dress with vintage ball gowns, you can try other models depending on the themes of the occasions. For example if you attend a Christmas ball with a winter white theme, you can dress in glitter and silver dress. Meanwhile, a bountifully designed Cinderella dress is a good choice for a masquerade ball. Alternatively, you can play with colors depending on the seasons, For instance, in a party in fall, use gold, brown, russet and other deep autumn-inspired colors for your ball dress. For a spring party, beautiful pastel dresses look feminine and gorgeous. If you attend a party at summer, bright vibrant colored dress is the best idea. Meanwhile, white, gold, green, and red are recommended for formal events during winter season. Although Cinderella never wears black dress, you can wear a ball dress in this color. It is an elegant choice and suits to all seasons. Do not forget to pair the Cinderella style dress with sparkling accessories and jewels for more dramatic look.

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