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Curly Updos for Black Women in Classy Look

Elegant updos are the staple hairstyle for evening occasions. Black women with their typical curly hair also wish to wear elegant updos in holiday festivals and special occasions. However, they worry that their hair will get damage due to the use of styling products. Black women’s hair is typically kinky, dry, and thus prone to breakage. Do you face the same problem? This problem can be solved with special care so your hair stays healthy no matter how you style your hair. Choose shampoo and conditioner that can protect your hair for any damage. With healthy hair, you can try some curly updos for black women. You can either show off your natural curly hair or straighten your hair with the styles. Let’s start with natural curly updos. Be proud of your curly hair because you can create elegant updo which is sexy, classy, and stylish. For your information, curly hair is easier to be styled into updo than straight hair because curly hair is more textured so will hold the updo better. It means that you are lucky for having curly hair. It is very easy to create an elegant updo from your curly hair. Pull your hair at the crown into a ponytail. Take some strands to give a pretty touch. As it has already curly, you do not need to use a curling iron that can make your hair loses its moisture. This is another benefit of having curly hair.

curly updos for african american women

Curly updos for black women look naturally classy. But, you can appear different by trying updo with straight hair. Before you style you hair into an updo of course you should straighten it using a straightening iron or chemical relaxer. After that, twist the ponytail upward and hold it securely using decorative hair clips. Grab you hair and create a ponytail just below the crown of the hair. Create a side swept fringe from your top of your hair.

curly updo hairstyles for black women

Another idea for updo styles for black women is the one with backcombing. Backcomb your hair top to the crown of the head using a small rattail comb. Do it gently to avoid any breakage of the hair. Smooth the hair in front of the teased hair and pin it with hair clips. After that, create a ponytail from the teased hair. Twist the ponytail and hold a hairspray to hold the twist in place. Do you see? You have some ideas of beautiful curly updos for black women.

short curly updos for black women

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