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Dark Black Dress: How to Accessorize It

A dark black dress is probably the most versatile outfit. Some people may see this dress too simple. But, it can be accessorized in many different styles due to the extreme versatility. In order to accessorize the dress you need various jewelries, shoes, and other accessories to finish your look like outwear sunglasses, and handbag. But, before you select the accessories you should create a particular look with your black dress. If you want a conservative look, find clean and pretty accessories in simple designs. Think about small earrings with pearls and bracelets or classy necklaces. To enhance the conservative look, wear ballerinas or Patten leather heels in black color. On the other hand, if you want to go casual and trendy, look for something bolder such as bigger bracelets and earrings or statement necklaces. For the shoes, wedges and some fun shoes will work. This outfit is perfect for dinner or cocktail party. With a black dress, you can also achieve a funky look where you can play with colors. For instance, pair your black dress with neon stockings under metallic shoes. This is a good look worn by younger women at club or party.

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After you determine the style with a dark black dress, it is time to pick the right jewels. You do need to wear all pieces at once. The safe option is to wear only earrings. To make them known, wear your hair up. Also, choose a big and bold pair of earrings that make a statement. If your earrings are not that big, you can add a bold necklace that gives a pizzazz to your overall look. Wear necklaces in classic colors for a conservative look or other colors for a trendier effect. Meanwhile a bold bracelet or a great watch can accent your hand.

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Another important thing to accessories your black dark dress is to pick the right shoes. You have a lot of options such as booties for cooler days, flats for casual events, conservative heels for a more formal look, or even fun heels for a funky look. Don’t forget to carry a handbag. Depending on the style you want to achieve you can choose to wear a large shoulder handbag, clutch, or a cross-body bag. Depending on the weather, you can also wear sunglasses or a sweater or jacket to finish off your look. A cardigan, pashmina, or scarf sometimes also works.

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