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Dark Hair with Red Highlights: Color Ideas

Women with dark hair are often interested with hair highlights. Dark hair is versatile meaning that any colors go well with it. If you are a kind of person who seeks a little style drama, consider dark hair with red highlights. Although your color options have been narrowed down to red, still finding the best shade to complement dark hair seems to be overwhelming. Red has many shades. Deciding what reds look best on you is the first step in having this hairstyle. It depends on your natural hair color whether you have intense black or dark brown hair. Also, consider your personal taste. Most women look for lighter spectrum. If you belong to these women, you can try strawberry-style reds. This shade generates clear of saturation while adding warm shimmer. Others may feel challenged to try something bolder. Deep auburn, fiery cinnamon, shimmery copper and other medium shades of red complement any dark hair. Elegant burgundy and rich pure red are the most dramatic shades.

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Dark hair with red highlights however is difficult to achieve without bleaching. It is necessary to bleach your natural hair first, then highlight it in red. Bleaching the hair will help emerge the red color. Bleaching, when improperly done, can damage your hair. That is why it is better to go to a salon to have you hair bleached and highlighted. Or, if you insist on doing it yourself, follow the procedures as written in the manual. Ask help from your friend if possible. Even a hairdresser often has an assistant. 

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The cut of the hair indeed influence the overall look. If you want to show off your read streaks, layer your hair in choppy cut. In deciding the hair cut, you should consider the type and length of the hair. For example, long hair will look great in a nod to rocket chic red dyed tips. Other haircuts like layered waves and simple bobs work for almost any red hair. Super structured bob is favorable as it accentuates the face frame. Hot red highlights accent bob haircut very well. Now as you have been exposed to different red shades for dark hair, you can choose the one you desire. For more inspiration on dark hair with red highlights, you can visits some sites like hairfinder.com or thehairstyler.com. Such sites reviews and display 2013’s most popular hairstyles. You may find many pictures of beautiful red highlights for dark hair.

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