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Design a Wedding Dress with Your Own Idea

Many women may dream to wear a wedding dress designed by word class designer like Vera Wang of Austin Scarlett. However there are also some women who want to design the wedding dress themselves with their own idea and creativity. They may be interested to design a wedding dress because they want to have a more personal gown. Some others may do this because they have skills in designing a dress. There also some brides-to-be who only have small budget for the wedding preparation so that designing a wedding dress on their own becomes the best solution. No matter the purpose of designing a wedding dress, it is important to find a way to make the wedding dress beautiful just like the ones designed by world-class designer. The very first thing to do is to search for inspiration. Perhaps you already imagine some gorgeous designs in your mind. For those who lack ideas, referring to some weeding magazines will be better. Such magazines do not only have pictures but also some articles so you can learn more about vintage designs.

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It is better if you go to real bridal stores where you can try on some dresses that you like. Sometimes a picture is failed to represent the real dress. Perhaps, when you see pictures from magazines, you are not interested with jewel style dress. But, you may change your mind when finally try on the dress with the style because when it is worn it can make you look gorgeous. If you are not confident to go to a bridal boutique just to try on some dresses without actually buying them, you can go to thrift stores or consignments stores. With some ideas on mind, you can start your sketch. The sketch also includes the embellishments you want to add for the dress such as a veil, trail, sash, etc. If you have a good drawing skill, you will not find any problems to design a wedding dress. But if you don’t, you can make use of some design creator programs. What you need is just to pick and click.

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After you the sketch is ready, you can give it to your seamstress to sew and make a wedding dress based on your sketch. A good and creative seamstress usually will suggest you on what fabric and materials for the dress to suit your budget. Based on her suggestions, you can start gather the materials and fabric. Some seamstresses will collect the materials for their clients. So, are you ready to design a wedding dress?

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