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Gucci Belt with Diamonds by Alexander Amosu

Belt is a part of men’s fashion. This piece is a must addition for any occasions especially the formal ones like attending wedding invitation, gala dinner, or work in the office. Men wearing a good belt look very sophisticated and masculine. Some men are even willing to spend thousands dollars for their belt. One of the most expensive belts in the world is Gucci belt with diamonds. This belt is designed by Alexander Amosu. Do you know him? Amosu is known as a world class brilliant designer whose works have notable quality and prestige. The belt costs $6,500. The belt is pricey because it is made of a combination of platinum, gold, and diamond. The flawless diamonds are encrusted on the Gucci logo. The logo itself is shaped out of platinum. An unknown Hollywood stars requests this diamond from Alexander Amosu. Unfortunately Amosu doesn’t let public know who the celebrity is.

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Traditional G logo is incorporated in this belt. Hand set 368 VVS1 brilliant cut diamonds are used to decorate the belt. The end result is brittle and exclusive belt buckle without looking too fancy. Can you imagine how luxurious the belt is? Of course it is very classy and elegant. Gucci and Amosu have the same commitment in creating something luxurious that attract everybody’s interest. That is actually only one of many Amosu’s work. He has designed many Gucci belts. As his expertise in on diamond designs, all of the belts are encrusted with sparkling diamonds. Gucci belt with diamonds made by his hands is always beautiful. No wonder if many famous figures ask him to get their belt customized.

Gucci belt with diamonds Alexander Amosu

If you want to request a Gucci belt with diamonds on your personal style, you can visit the official website of Alexander Amosu. In this site, you will get a lot of information about his design and how to make a request. Every person has their own color or style of choice. This luxury designer can customize any belt as you ask. However, as Alexander Amosu is a world class diamond designer, of course he does not have much time. He needs to handle bigger projects. So, it may take long time to handle your project. For your information, Alexander Amosu has not only customizing items for belts but also Lamborghini car keys, cameras, cell phones, and other luxurious items. Fortunately, he has some assistants to help him do his designs.

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