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Hawaiian Women Dress Ideas

Hawaiian party has become one of the favorite themes for those want to share fun and enjoyment. Hawaiian party is characterized by its music, food, decorations, and the attire everyone wears. If you are invited to this kind of party, you should wear the right outfit that goes well with the theme. There are some ideas that you can choose. Hawaiian women dress can be either traditional or cotemporary. The key to decide the right attire you wear is to pick the one that you feel comfortable and reflect your personality. The traditional attire is probably not really often to be worn because people sometimes feel not really comfortable with it. While traditional Hawaiian dress for men includes simply sandals and a floral shirt, the dress for women is more complicated. Women wear coconut-tops and a grass skirt. In addition, they wear a tropical flower behind their ear to adorn the hair. Flip-flops or dressy sandals are worn to pair the skirts and tops. Or, you can go bare feet. During the party or celebrations, both men and women wear a lei. It is a Hawaiian traditional neck made of tropical flowers worn around the neck. A smaller lei can be worn around your writs or ankle.

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Some people are reluctant to wear traditional Hawaiian women dress because it is not practical. They prefer to wear modern clothing but still have a flare of Hawaii. This modern outfit is chic and simple as well. A floral summer dress can be the idea of modern Hawaiian dress. This dress typically has bright colors such as red, blue, or green that represent Hawaiian culture. Moreover, a summer dress is made of light fabric and intended for hot days, thus it is perfect for this party theme. Complete the look with a lei. Alternatively, you can just wear bikini tops with a floral skirt. Just like women, men also have modern option. They can simply wear bright colored free-flowing shirt with khaki linen pants.  

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Another idea for Hawaiian women dress is wearing costume. Paper-made Hawaiian costumes are widely available in a party store in a cheap price. The costumes include imitation grass skirt, imitation leis, etc. In addition, there are many items or accessories that represent Hawaiian culture. So, which idea do you like? You can go traditional or wear modern clothing with Hawaiian elements. Make sure that your choices can make you confident and comfortable so you can enjoy the event.

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