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Maxi Skirt with Split for a more Stylish Look

Maxi skirts for ladies are very popular nowadays. The styles of this kind of skirt also become more varied. Many years ago, the skirts perhaps only have two or three or styles. But nowadays, they are made in different design and fabrics. One of the latest trends about them is maxi skirt with split as shown in some pictures in this article. They can have single front slit or side slits, or at the back. They can be either high slit that start from the thigh or lower slits that start from below the knee. Some maxi skirts have extreme high slits. Choices are all yours. The presence of slits can draw attention because they show some legs. In, addition the maxi skirt will look cuter and stylish. Many Hollywood celebs popularize this maxi skirt so that it becomes a trend. If you like to browse celeb picture from the internet, you will notice that this maxi skirt has becomes fashion staple. Rachel Bilson, Vanes Hudgens, and Nichole Richie, to name a few, are some actresses who are fond of wearing maxi skirt.

long maxi skirt with split

Maxi skirt with split is ideal for ladies who are not tall. The split reveals some legs to reduce the short frame created by the skirt volume. However, not all maxi skirts look good in these splits. Those made of very flowing material which creates a great volume are not really good with splits. It is merely because the splits will not clearly be seen. While most of maxi skirts are worn for casual occasion, the one with split, paired with formal top can be used for formal occasion as well. It is because spits add elegance and sexiness. It is all about the whole outfits. Shoes and purses are also a part of the outfit. Choose heels and fancy-look purse to pair your formal and chic look. When you wear any skirts with split, it will surely attract male attention.

maxi skirt with split sides

Perhaps you already have many maxi skirts. You may be reluctant to buy new ones. Why don’t you add split yourself? It can be a small tailoring project that you can do at home. There are many articles and videos of maxi skirt with split tutorials that can be read or even watch online. But if you are not sure whether you can do it or not, it is much better to ask your seamstress to do it.

maxi skirt with split tutorial

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