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Mother of the Bride Dresses for Women over 50

As a mother, watching your daughter walking down the aisle in her wedding day is a very special moment. In this special occasion, of course you should dress up well. You will meet your family and may be some old friends. In your 50s, you should look your best. Mother of the brides sometime get problem in selecting the right dress for their daughter’s nuptial. The presence of abundant choices may make you confused to choose the one. In fact, selecting mother of the bride dresses for women over 50 is not difficult. The key is dressing your age formally. The level of formality, venue, and wedding theme may influence the way you dress in the event. But, let’s play safe. You are 50. Forget about wearing short dress. Knee-length dresses are acceptable but not shorter than that.

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Choose dress cut that shows your maturity without making you look old. Sheath column long dresses and mermaid dresses are elegant choices for mother of the brides. The colors of the mother of the bride dresses can be just any colors. It all depends on your favorites. To get an elegant look, try colors like maroon, magenta, royal blue, and teal. For a more blissful feeling, either bright or nude colors are okay. Many women often wear gray dresses because they think that the color looks best for their age. Do you agree with that? I hope not. Instead of complementing their beauty, gray is dull and even can make you look older that your actual age. For the cuts, actually you have plenty of choices. Do not think of going strapless. It is the wedding of your offspring. Strapless dress will not really appropriate, especially if the wedding is formal.

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There are many dress designs that can make you look trendy and beautiful in your 50s. Think about cap sleeve, V-neck, halter dresses, and shoulder-off dresses. If you want to wear strapless dress, wear a fancy blazer to cover your top. Add some accessories to enhance your appearance. Pearl collar neck is a good idea to accentuate you maturity. Wear high heels in colors that complement the dress. It is easy right to dress up as a mother of the bride in a wedding? Do not spend too much on preparing the mother of the bride dresses.Your makeup and hairstyle are also important. Moreover, it is your daughter’s day. You should have time to help her, too.

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