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Stunning Nail Art Trends

If you have beautiful long nails or acrylics, then at some point you will surely be tempted to decorate them. Designing and decorating can be so much fun and gives them a stunning look. The design, colors and other accessories you use to decorate your nails tends to bring out your personality and if it actually is you, then what more do you want? Read on so you can distinguish between different styles and personalities and find something that’s just you!

Blue flower nail art

Styles, Your Nails and Your Personality

Whether you are having your nails done for the first time or if it’s just a new design you are having, you’d be pleased to know you don’t always have to follow the latest style. Oh no! Your nails, means your rules, sound fair? The choice is personal to you and whatever you feel looks amazing, then go for it! All that matters is what makes you happy, feel comfortable and that is what really represents your personality. It may come as a surprise to you that the color and designs you choose do actually represent who you are. Your artistic skills are also shown all without you having to say a word. If you want to exaggerate or keep it simple this is all up to you as it’s all about you! We are all unique and have our own likes and dislikes. However, if you do love to keep with the trend, then carry on reading!

The floral design is loved by all and is a trend that will stay for quite a long time. You can make it as detailed and complicated as you like. Use various colors, show who you are and just do the designs you love! To enhance the look, fake jewels and nail art stickers can also be used.

pink floral nail art

What Color Is for Me?

This is your personal choice and something only you know. Everyone loves different colors, some prefer lights to darks whereas, others prefer gloomy shades to sunny ones. The elf four-piece nail polish set is highly recommending and can be purchased from all makeup stores. It includes four unique colors, which feature coral dream, mint cream, nude and teal blue; these make a lovely base for you to work on! Colors that you like are what you should go for! This involves many factors like lifestyle, work, etc. Therefore, it should also suit your life.

Polka dot nail art

Remember eve

ryone isn’t always a pro at the start, these things take time. At first you may want to experiment and try different styles until you become a pro and start creating the trends for yourself. To find some tips and tricks to help you brush up on your arty skills you can also check out links on the internet, ask friends and even experiment on their nails and ask at the nearest salon. Get creating and give your nails a beautiful and dazzling new look!

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