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Nail Polish Colors in Classic Look

Nail polish is a part of women’s makeup and fashion. With the nail polish, you can express yourself. Every year, even every season, there is always a new trend for nail polish. Those who are fond of nail polish will not mind following the trend and even change the nail polish colors depending on the occasion. However, for some people, changing the nail colors can be very exhausting. The solution is to use classic colors. Classic colors are both versatile and timeless. No matter what the season is and what the occasion is, classic nails always work. They will never go awkward and out of style. The first idea is red nails. They are very elegant and beautiful. Red nails come in a variety of shades. For summer, people usually go for coral red or tomato red. Meanwhile, in winter or fall, burgundy is more popular. You can choose other shades as you like from dark to brighter colors. Have perfectly manicured red nails in fairly short nails.

nail polish colors for october

For prettier and more youthful effect, try pink nail polish colors. Just like red nails, pink nails also have many choices of shades to match your skin tone and style. If you like soft and muted colors go for mauve or rose. These shades are very attractive. Or, try baby pink nail polish. This flattering shade is able to make your fingers look slender and long. Some people like brighter shades of pink that the softer ones. If you belong to them, try fuchsia or hot pink. These shades look great to be worn all year round but look best in the summer. The nail polish is perfect both for finger and toenails.

nail polish colors for fall

When talking about classic nail polish, don’t forget neutral nails. They look generally good on both long and short nails. Neutral nail polish colors are a combination of brown color family and other colors. Consider your skin tone when choosing for particular neutral. Sand or champagne shades work nicely for lighter skin tone. Meanwhile, those having darker skin tone look more gorgeous in cocoa, chocolate, or darker shades of brown. Neutral nails are perfect form beach time to business lunch. You can also have your nail polished in neutrals for a night out or a date. There is still another idea that should not be forgotten. It is the pretty French manicure. This nail polish incorporates two colors, white for the tip, and other color for the rest of the nail.

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