Back of Shoulder Tattoo for Women

back of shoulder tattoo placement

Tattoo is now not only popular among men but also among women to do toe the expansion of gender roles and feminism mainstreaming. There are many parts of the body where women like to place their tattoo such as foot, nape, wrist, arm, breast, and even pubic area. Among those places, back of shoulder tattoo become one of the most ... Read More »

Tattoos for Back Shoulder for Men Designs

tattoos for back shoulder for man ideas

One of the favorite tattoo placements for men is on the back shoulder. This area has a large and flat surface. Therefore, many tattoo designs and styles can be made here. Moreover, this area can be covered with clothes to ensure discretion. Tattoos for back shoulder for men come in several styles. Some of them are flesh out into the ... Read More »

Cross Tattoo Wrist Designs in Cool Ideas

inner wrist cross tattoo designs

The cross tattoo is considered as a religious symbol of Christians. People wear this tattoo to show their belief in Jesus Christ. But, there are a few people who do not know the origin of the design. These people like this tattoo because it is simple and appealing. This tattoo can be placed in some areas. Cross tattoo wrist designs ... Read More »

Classy Red Wedding Dress: How to Find It

classy red wedding dress 2013

White dresses are no longer popular for modern evening wedding. Modern brides now opt for colored wedding dress for their wedding. One of the popular colors is classy red. This vibrant color is very elegant, thus perfect for formal evening occasions like wedding and prom. Classy red wedding dress gives a chance for the wearer to express her individualism and ... Read More »

Men’s Casual Dress Codes for Business Setting

men business casual dress code

Office dress codes may vary depending on the office rules. If you work in formal working place, the rules may be stricter than others. But there are also businesses that allow their employees to wear a pair of polo shirt and jeans. Just like women, men also should concern on the way they dress in their office. In this article ... Read More »

Tight Camo Prom Dresses that Flatter Your Body

tight camo prom dresses pictures

Camo patterns have been used for women prom dresses since many years ago. Probably five years ago, you found it difficult to see camo prom dresses in the market. But nowadays, they are available widely in the market. Due the various availability of the design, you should be able to make the right choice. Opt for the flattering tight camo ... Read More »

High School Graduation Dresses Ideas for Mother

high school graduation dresses pinterest

Many young girls will feel both happy and nervous heading to their graduation day. It is one of the big moments in life. For high school graduates, the day means not only the last day as a teen school girl but also a new day of the real life. In the middle of their stressful time, they should prepare the ... Read More »

Chinese Woman Dress in Traditional Style

chinese women wear

China is an Asian country with the highest population in the world. This oriental country is also known for its rich culture. One of the prominent cultures is its traditional clothes which are characterized by bright colors, typically red. Chinese traditional costumes generally are colorful with unique design and style, especially the Chinese women dress. Actually China has several traditional ... Read More »

Long Feather Prom Dresses in Many Different Styles

long feather and sequin prom dresses

Feathers are a timeless trend in fashion. Feather has been widely used in fashion since many times ago, especially as material to make women’s dress. Dresses made of feather are absolutely unique. That is why many girls love to wear feather-featured dress for their memorable prom night. It is always a priority to pick a beautiful and charming gown for ... Read More »