Tunic Dress how to Wear for Casual Office Settings

tunic dress to wear with leggings

You are lucky for working in an office with a casual setting. It means that you can dress up casually without following a strict conventional fashion rules. One of the best ideas for this office setting is to wear a tunic dress. Tunics are indeed very trendy. Many women love to wear this dress because it can find any bulge ... Read More »

Camo Semi Dresses for Cocktail Party

Camo Semi Dresses 2013

I bet you have attended cocktail party many times, right? Cocktail party is a semi-formal or casual party where people are intended to mingle and share joy together. Cocktail party is a kind of small party with only 20 guests or less. Like other events, this party also has its own dress code. As the event is semi formal, it ... Read More »

Pink and Blue Bridal Dresses with Romantic Touch

Most of wedding dresses come in single color. Have you ever thought about wearing multicolored bridal dresses? A color combination can be a unique idea of a wedding gown. The best idea is to mix blue and pink. Both are soft colors. When they are combined together, an eye-pleasing dress is created. Pink and blue bridal dresses have been already ... Read More »

Some Good Tattoo Ideas in Unique Designs for Women

Some Good Tattoo Ideas 2013

Tattoo is continuously popular among modern women. There are many women who have tried many designs of tattoo. Usually women love to have feminine and girly tattoo design on their body. You may want something which is just different from others. If you want a unique tattoo design that does not look like everyone else’s, there are some good tattoo ... Read More »

Tattoos at Bottom of Back for Ladies

Tattoos at Bottom of Back 2013

Tattoo is not a taboo thing anymore for women. Even now, tattoo can have a feminine symbol for ladies. Women like to tattoo their body in places like back of the neck, lower back, foot, wrist, and upper arm. These places are considered as popular tattoo placement for women. Among those places, the bottom of the back is the most ... Read More »

Princess Dresses Soft Blue for Prom

Princess Dresses Soft Blue picture

Prom is one of the occasions that every young girl is waiting for. In this event they will gather with their friends, dance, and have fun all the night. The most important thing in a prom is a dress they wear. Prom belongs to formal event although there are a few of prom night parties set in less formal atmosphere. ... Read More »

Flat Boots with Dresses in Feminine Look

short Flat Boots with Dresses

Many people will agree that a pair of flat boots is indeed comfortable and chic. Boots are known for western or country fashion staple. But nowadays, they are widely worn to create numerous women’s style. Many women begin interested to ensemble the boots with different kinds of dress. However, you should be careful when trying to mix and match flat ... Read More »

Blue Colored Prom Dresses Design Ideas

tiffany blue colored Prom Dresses

Blue is a soft color that all women surely like. It is a symbol of femininity and calm personality. In fact, not only calm women, others with different kinds of personality like to wear blue colored dresses because they just love the color. It can be said this color is both universal and versatile. Blue dress is ideal for any ... Read More »

Hawaiian People Dresses for Women: Traditional VS Modern

how hawaiian people dress

Hawaiian themed party is often held to celebrate some events like holiday, gathering with friends, informal meeting, graduation, and the like. This fun celebration is very exciting. People come to dance with Hawaiian music, eat fantastic food, and have fun with their friends and partners. The party is all about fun and excitement. This themed party is mostly characterized from ... Read More »