Black Cheetah Prom Dresses in Versatile Look

black leopard prom dress

I am always interested in animal printed dresses. For me, the beauty of dresses with animal prints is irreplaceable. Animal printed dresses are versatile. Due the development of styles and designs, the dress can be feminine, sexy, casual, or glamour. That is why I love to wear such dresses in many different occasions. This weekend, for example, I am attending ... Read More »

Country Girl Dresses Ideas

Country Girl Dresses for prom

Country girl dresses are so awe-inspiring. I began to love such dresses when I watched a movie entitled “Safe Haven”. In this movie, the female characters like Kathy and Jo, wear pretty country dresses. In my opinion, costumes also play important role in strengthening the movie setting. Inspired by the female characters in the movie, I started to look for ... Read More »

Ivory Lace Wedding Dress for a Luxurious Bridal Gown

ivory lace wedding dress empire waist

An ivory lace wedding dress has always been a favorite of many brides for a number of reasons. The power of this dress is placed in its color and the lace. Ivory is considered as an elegant color. Both white and ivory are classic. But ivory is seen as a more modern color. This color looks even more wonderful with ... Read More »

White Simple Dress for Weddings

black and white simple dress

Although modern wedding dresses come in just any colors with many different styles, most brides still choose to wear a white dress. A white wedding dress symbolizes a new life that the bride and the groom will have. It has been a tradition to wear a white bridal gown since a century ago. Some people just feel that it is ... Read More »

Bridal Dresses Beach Ideas: Casual Styles

bridal dresses beach weddings

Beach weddings are absolutely fun. Going outdoors and informal can create a relaxed and excitement that formal weddings cannot offer. Of course the dress worn for the wedding should be in line with the team. For your information, bridal dresses beach are not always informal. There are more formal beach weddings, too. But in this article, I will give you ... Read More »

Zebra Print Dress with Mysterious and Seductive Appeal

zebra print dress with red belt

Dresses with animal prints are gaining popularity these days. Both old and young women are keen on this new trend. Due to the popularity, animal printed dresses are easy to be found in the market in many styles and designs. Because of the wide selection, all women can get the preferred style that suits their body type and personality. Not ... Read More »

Smart Casual Dresses Ideas for Ladies

Smart Casual Dresses ladies

Dressing down a little in with a smart edge is easy. The key for smart casual dresses is to have the right balance between casual and smart. There are some ideas that ladies can consider. Let’s begin with the top. Choose the top carefully to get a smart casual look. A dressy blouse with a glamorous ruffle, for instance, can ... Read More »

Short Camo Prom Dress for a Fancy Date

short camo prom dresses mossy oak

Women often get busy heading a date with their lover, especially if it is a first date. They are sometimes confused what dress to wear. Deciding the right attire for a date, you should consider what the date will like. If he asks you for a dinner in a swanky restaurant, you may need to wear an evening gown. However, ... Read More »

Floral Maxi Dress for Summer Weddings

floral maxi dress polyvore

Summer is coming, so is wedding reception. You should prepare some outfits to attend some wedding receptions that are often held in this blissful season. Floral maxi dress is the best dress for summer weddings. Since 1970s, maxi dresses have been so popular. It is bright, pretty, and easy to wear. It is very perfect for summer and other seasons ... Read More »

Hawaiian Women Dress Ideas

hawaiian women's wear

Hawaiian party has become one of the favorite themes for those want to share fun and enjoyment. Hawaiian party is characterized by its music, food, decorations, and the attire everyone wears. If you are invited to this kind of party, you should wear the right outfit that goes well with the theme. There are some ideas that you can choose. ... Read More »