Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

When it comes to makeup and eyes, then it surely brings them out and makes them look ever so graceful. However, it should not be overdone and it is important the makeup suits your style and doesn’t look odd. Eye makeup is very important as they are a feature on the face, which is pretty hard to miss. We all ... Read More »

Makeup Trends for Spring

With winter gone and spring on its way it’s important all you ladies are up-to-date with the latest makeup trends. Makeup is every girl’s best friend and how good you want it to look is really up to you. It only takes a final brush to give you the complete look and also depends on the last touch to whether ... Read More »

Glamorous Hairstyles for 2014

Below are many different types of hairstyle trends for both long and medium length hair, which will be trending during 2014! Make sure you’re up-to-date especially if you’re a fashion diva as you wouldn’t want to get it wrong. Braids and Ponies Hair stylists have said the gorgeous braid hairstyle will be carried into 2014 as the specialty of this ... Read More »

Stunning Nail Art Trends

If you have beautiful long nails or acrylics, then at some point you will surely be tempted to decorate them. Designing and decorating can be so much fun and gives them a stunning look. The design, colors and other accessories you use to decorate your nails tends to bring out your personality and if it actually is you, then what ... Read More »

Beautiful Women’s Footwear For Fashion

When it comes to women and accessories, then there are so many that you really go crazy! However, it is important for women to know their accessories well and when it comes to footwear; then these are an essential! Footwear comes in many different styles, designs, colors and textures and it’s important you know them! Read on to discover the ... Read More »

Five Must Have Fashion Accessories

The word accessory goes well with the word woman; this means if you’re a woman without any accessories, then you’re really missing a lot! Accessories come in all sorts of categories, colors, types, styles and sizes, which is why we have come up with the top five essential ones to have you looking both cool and fashionable at all times. ... Read More »

Do you Know Your Foundation Colors?

Applying foundation to your face and how well you blend it actually makes you look younger than your age. This is because it gives you a lovely complexion, which creates a beautiful even tone. Choosing the right foundation is the important part when it comes to foundation as the shade you use needs to match your skin color and even ... Read More »

Light Brown Hair Color with Pretty Highlights

light brown hair color pictures

Do you have light brown hair color? This natural hair color, for most people, is considered as not as flattering as rich dark brown hair. That is why many people tend to add highlights to their hair. But finding the color for the highlights is not easy. Wrong colors or those which does not match with your skin tone won’t ... Read More »

Dark Hair with Red Highlights: Color Ideas

dark hair with red highlights pictures

Women with dark hair are often interested with hair highlights. Dark hair is versatile meaning that any colors go well with it. If you are a kind of person who seeks a little style drama, consider dark hair with red highlights. Although your color options have been narrowed down to red, still finding the best shade to complement dark hair ... Read More »