Tacori Wedding Rings: Popular Choices for Women

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Everyone knows and agrees that selecting and preparing wedding rings is sometimes not easy and can take a lot of time. Because this is a wedding, one of the most precious moments in life, of course it is very important to make the right decision. You should at least know what you really want. As all we know, there are ... Read More »

Tiffany Wedding Rings: Worthy of Your Eternal Love

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A wedding is magical moment for a couple who is in love. Because the love is very deep, special and full of commitment, diamond ring becomes the most preeminent choice. The wedding ring should be as magical as the love. The spark and dramatic of a diamond is preferred to celebrate the commitment of a marriage and to mark that ... Read More »

Wedding Rings Sets in Custom Design

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Everyone always wants to have a special wedding ring where there are no other people wear the same rings. People do not any longer like mass produced wedding rings. They are now seeking wedding rings sets. This set is specifically designed only for the people who order it. So, the ring will be fully yours. Of course the price of ... Read More »

Unique Wedding Ring in Beautiful Designs

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Choices are endless when you are looking for engagement ring. There are numerous designs and cut to opt for. But, not all of them are unique. Many of them have been quite common and usual. Of course you want something different to signify the love which is unique. A lot of people trap in diamond engagement rings which price can ... Read More »

Types of Engagement Rings: Guides for Men

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Traditions teach men to buy engagement ring for his bride and surprisingly propose her with the ring. The woman receiving the ring is supposed to be surprised. These days, this tradition is still popular. Modern men also love the idea of surprise their lady to make the moment unforgettable. Whether you buy the ring your own or buy it together ... Read More »

Colored Engagement Rings: So Many Beautiful Choices

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White diamond earring is timelessly beautiful. But these days, people are getting more interested with colored engagement rings. These rings have become a common sight in any engagements. Even some celebrities also used colored diamonds for their engagement rings such as Blake Lively with her pink ring, Heidi Klum with her stunning yellow 10-carat ring, Kelly Clarkson with another marvelous ... Read More »

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Etiquette

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Colored diamond has been all in rage since the past time. Nowadays, even the popularity of colored diamond such as pink, blue, yellow, or red has increased. If you are about to buy an engagement ring for your bride-to-be, colored diamond engagement ring can be a brilliant idea. You can consider pink diamond engagement ring. Why pink? Most women like ... Read More »

Engagement Rings Vintage for Your Lovely Bride

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Are you about to propose your lovely lady? You are lucky because today a huge variety of engagement rings are available in many styles, colors, and cuts. You can buy them at high street jewelers or you may find it convenient to have online shopping. Unfortunately, many jewelers often make one ring in many quantities. On the other words, the ... Read More »

Simon G Engagement Rings in Artistic Design

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As a jewelry lover, of course you have been familiar with Simon G engagement rings, right? The designs of the rings are definitely gorgeous and fully artistic. This artistic design makes the ring unique and always trendy for many years. Simon works with his team at his headquarters in Los Angeles. Customers’ orders are finished in artistic design that makes ... Read More »

White Topaz Engagement Rings to Blow Her Mind

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What are the best engagement rings? When answering this question many people will say diamond rings. Diamond engagement rings are indeed beautiful but you should know that beautiful gemstone is not only diamonds. There are many other valuable gemstones that are as beautiful as diamond and they even come in more affordable price. One of them is white topaz. White ... Read More »