Pear Engagement Rings Style

pear engagement rings meaning

Pear engagement rings are not as popular as other diamond rings such as those with princess cut or emerald cut. Usually people opt for this ring because the wearer has wide fingers. Although it is slightly similar with round diamonds, it is less expensive. The pear shape, for your information, can make the fingers appear slimmer. In fact, not many ... Read More »

2 Carat Engagement Rings for Women

2 carat engagement rings princess cut

Receiving an engagement ring is one of the happiest in women’s life. If you are supposed to give your lady an engagement ring, try to find the most beautiful ring to blow her mind. Do not be confused selecting the best one. Consider 2 carat engagement rings. The rings are perfect for engagement. There are several types of 2 carat ... Read More »

Unique Engagement Ring Settings and Cuts

Unique diamond Engagement Ring Settings

A marriage indeed needs well-done preparation. It is not merely about the dress, decoration, or the wedding reception but all aspects related with mental, emotional, physical, and financial matters. Many couples may experience stressful days ahead the wedding. But when it is over, they can get so much relieved. One of the nuptial preparations includes engagement ring selection. Engagement ring ... Read More »

Tanzanite Engagement Rings VS Diamond Rings

tanzanite engagement rings meaning

Engagement rings often come with sparkling diamonds. In fact, you can try other gemstones that are as mesmerizing as diamonds. Nowadays, tanzanite engagements rings are gaining popularity. Even, they compete with diamond rings in jewelry market. Diamond and tanzanite rings have something in common. Both are rare gemstones. Tanzanite is said to be rarer than diamond because it is only ... Read More »

De Beers Engagement Rings with Diamonds

de beers engagement rings cost

De Beers diamond jeweler is the classic diamond jeweler offering essence of design, presenting the diamond’s qualities of art and beauty, combining its classic values with modern touches and advanced workmanship. The diamond is a luminous, commemorative representation of continuity and infinity, of faith and wish for the upcoming life, and De Beers brings this striking balance clearly with its ... Read More »

Antique Looking Engagement Rings which are Still Popular Today

antique looking engagement rings settings

There has been increasing demand on antique engagement rings. Although they were created in the past, the popularity remains the same. When the modern rings develops greatly, at the same time, vintage or antique rings become more popular. Antique rings are considered as rings which come from either Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco era. However, the real antique pieces are ... Read More »

Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring for Your Inspiration

jessica simpson engagement ring ruby

Sometimes we just do not have any idea to pick engagement rings. It is merely because the options seem to be countless. If you are a man who is preparing the most beautiful rings for your engagement, please do not be reluctant to ask your fiancée’s opinion. Usually women have more ideas than men. Or, you can browse the internet ... Read More »

Most Beautiful Engagement Rings Many People will Admire

most beautiful engagement rings in history

Receiving an engagement ring is a breathtaking moment for women. But, actually giving the ring can create a more thrilling sensation for men. They often find it nerve-wracking when looking for the most beautiful engagement rings. It is merely because there are a variety of rings that can make everyone confused to decide the ones to pick. You should be, ... Read More »

Men’s Wedding Rings in Popular Style

mens wedding rings platinum

Men’s wedding rings are different from those of women in terms of the metals and cuts. They can be either made of valuable metals or industrial metals. For precious moments like wedding or engagement, priceless metals are used. The most precious metal is platinum. This metal is perfect for men’s rings because platinum does not dent and scratch easily. Because ... Read More »

Wedding Ring Settings in Different Settings

round wedding ring settings

When selecting wedding rings, usually people focus more on the metal, style, and the gemstones. In fact, the wedding ring settings are also important to consider. Do you know how many types of ring settings? There are at least four famous settings for wedding rings such as channel, bar, pave, and bezel. Each style has different characteristics. Based on the ... Read More »