Blue Lace Dress with Elegant Cuts

blue lace dress kate middleton

Lace is delicate and ornate fabrics which are often use to make dresses, especially bridal dresses, curtains, and pillows. A long time ago, in 16th century, lace dresses were only used by rich family. It was because at that era, they were very price that only wealthy people can afford the fabrics. However, in modern time, lace dresses are widely ... Read More »

Short Lace Wedding Dress in Appealing Design

short lace wedding dress with sleeves

Lace is always identical with wedding. Many people think that lace dresses are pretty and glamorous. Lace can be applied both for short or long dresses. You can consider wearing a short lace wedding dress. Nowadays, even at a formal wedding, many women are interested to wear a short lace wedding dress. They feel more comfortable and trendy in the ... Read More »

Little White Dress for Women with Small Body

little white dress denver

Women with small body often find problems when choosing a dress which fits to them. Predominantly, many dresses are too large for them. Some common designs of dresses that are available at department stores sometimes also look weird on them. Therefore, the need a special dress that flatters their body shape. Small women will look even smaller with dresses in ... Read More »

White Cocktail Dresses in Simple Look

white cocktail dresses 2012

A cocktail party is a party which is thrown at afternoon, typically at 4 p.m. to 6.p.m where cocktail is served. Usually this kind of party is intended to celebrate a special moment like wedding, graduation, anniversary, and the like. This party belongs to formal parties although not as formal as evening parties. If you are inviting to a cocktail ... Read More »

White Prom Dresses in Strapless Design

white prom dresses uk

Many girls today are confident to wear strapless gowns. In this modern era, strapless dresses are no longer seen as too revealing dresses. Instead, a dress in this design looks not only sexy but also stylish and suit almost any evening occasion especially prom night. This type of dress can match any color. As white is gaining popularity in women’s ... Read More »

Short Formal Dresses for Office Wear

short formal dresses 2013

Office wear often comes in monotonous design especially for women who work in formal offices such as those working in banks, public schools, lawyer agencies, and the like. Typically they just want to go save by wearing a suit of a skirt and blazer or pants and a blouse. Not many of them are interested to wear a dress. In ... Read More »

Short White Dresses for Wedding

short white dresses macys

If we notice, short dresses are becoming more and more popular. This is not to eliminate the value of traditional wedding which incorporate long bridal gown, but short dresses are really a part of fashion wedding style that give the brides a number of benefits. While long wedding dresses can come in any color, short wedding dresses just look best ... Read More »

Flower Girl Dresses Macy’s for Your Inspiration

flower girl dresses macys pictures

Now you do not need to be confused when shopping dresses for flower girls as you can just visit Macy’s to pick what suits the girl and the wedding as well. Flower Girl Dresses Macy’s come in many beautiful designs that match any wedding themes and young children’s personality. They can be your inspiration. Macy’s Inc. is considered as the ... Read More »

White Halter Dress Wearing Tips

white halter dress marilyn

Many fashionista agree that white dress looks stunning in halter neck. There are some ways that can be done to make a white halter dress look more extravagant and trendy. Halter dresses especially in white color can suit all body types especially for women who have large chests. You might think that basically all halters have the same shape. For ... Read More »

White Club Dresses for Sexy Look

white club dresses plus size

Club wear is often associated with a sexy look. Being sexy does not mean that dress should be too revealing. It all depends on how the atmosphere in the club is. There a number of clubs. No matter what club you go, of course you want dress up special and make every pair of eyes pay their attention. Commonly, women ... Read More »