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Peacock Dresses for Prom to Draw Attention

What comes to my mind when someone says about Peacock bird is its beautiful and sparkling feathers. This bird is quite rare. We cannot find this wonderful bird everywhere. This bird is only found in Birmingham, Indonesia, in China. In other places, you may find it but not in a large population. I am sure you know how Peacocks look. Although you have not ever seen these birds, you have seen them from TV or magazines, right? What do you think about them? Aren’t they very stunning? Their beautiful feathers have inspired many fashion designers. You may have seen hats or bags made of peacocks feather. But can you imagine wearing peacock dresses for prom? When my friend told me that she wore a peacock dress for a prom night, I thought that she must have worn the wrong gown. I thought that such dresses could be too festive for a formal event like prom. But I was wrong. She showed me the photo of her wearing the dress and I was amazed. The dress she wore looked very elegant just like other evening wears.

peacock dresses for homecoming

I started to browse for more pictures peacock dresses for prom. Peacocks generally have some iridescent colors such as green, yellow, red, purple, blue, and brown. You may think that the dress will be colorful, right? In fact, the dress is not that colorful. Peacock prom dresses come in elegant colors like blue and green. As you can see in the first picture, the dress comes in blue color. The strapless short dress has puffy skirt. You can see the front of the dress is sewn with peacock feathers pattern. It is very lovely. The second dress as you can see below has almost the same color as the first dress. This strapless pencil dress comes in blue color. The bodice is fully embellished with beaded work and decorated with peacock feathers.

peacock dress prom peaches

The third dress is a bit different from the previous dresses. It is a long gown with high slit at one side. Green feathers and embellishments are sewn over the gold shiny fabric. Paired with golden jewelry, you will steal people attention in the prom party. Right now, as peacock dresses for prom is gaining popularity, these dresses are widely available at online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and other retailers. The price ranges from $45 t0 $325 depending on the fabrics and materials.

peacock dress prom girl

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