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Pink Diamond Rings Design Ideas

Pink diamond rings are popular for their colorlessness that also makes them have higher value. Such fancy-colored diamonds are hard to find. This rarity also increases their value that makes them even more precious than white diamonds. Even, pink diamond is the rarest among other types of diamonds. It can be understood, then, with its various shades of pink, all women around the world really want to have the pink diamond. For more personal style, find custom-designed ring incorporating a precious diamond in pink color. To optimize the brilliance of the pink diamond, it should have a high clarity. You can measure its clarity by using jeweler’s loupe. This device can be bought in a very cheap price. Alternatively, you can check the clarity by view the pink diamond under intensification. Moreover to make sure that it has a visible pink coloration, view the stone on a white background with an adequate amount of light.

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There are ways to make the pink diamond rings brighter and more dazzling. First, you should pick a durable metal for these rings like platinum or white gold. Avoid silver as it is not sturdy enough to hold a diamond. Select a metal in white setting so the saturation or pink diamond can be shown off. Yellow metals, on the other hand can make the saturation imperceptible. Apart from white metal, black metal is a good idea too. A ring featuring pink diamond also looks good on the perfect setting. There are a number of ring setting ideas that pair best with pink diamond. Choices are mounted settings, group settings, and solitaire settings. If you want to use only one single stone, solitaire settings will work well. However, if you are interested to integrate some types of gemstone, the best idea is to use group setting. Meanwhile, mount setting is predetermined with diamonds or other stones.

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Another way to enhance the brilliance of pink diamond rings is to use other stones to complement the pink diamond. For example you can use white diamonds, chalcedony, sapphires, rubies, and opal to pair your pink diamond. Pink diamond itself is beautiful. But, it will appear more beautiful if it is paired with the proper ring setting, white hard metals, and a variety of other gemstones. Such rings are suitable for girly and elegant outfits. As pink diamond represents love, it is a great idea if you buy it as a gift for your beloved.

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