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Red Hair with Highlights Trend

Red hair with highlights can be awesome if you have your hair styled properly. The highlights add extra dimension and depth to your hair. These new highlighted locks should be styled in such a way so that your hair can be more impressive. You can try some different hairdos as explained here. For daily style, try simple pinned back hair. It is very easy to apply the style. Comb you hair and strengthen it using a flat iron. Smoothing serum can be applied for smoother hair. Then, pin up some strands to the side of the head and fasten the pinned hair using bobby pins or decorative hair pins. This style works well for straight sleek hair. The highlights can also be showed off in half-up hairstyle. This style is also called half-hairdo. It is the most popular style form proms or evening events. Start this easy-to-do style by applying cream through your locks, especially around the crown to give some more volume. Pull half part of your hair up, leaving some strands on the sides.  

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Red hair with highlights can create different look from elegant to flirty depending on the hairstyle. For a flirty and funky look, style you hair in fishtail braid. This style can show off your red highlights in an appealing way. You can wear this hairstyle for either formal or casual occasions. What you need to do is just to repeat crisscross pattern to form like a fishtail. When you reach the end of the hair, use elastic rubber to secure the fishtail and pull your hair over one shoulder. Another fun style is the figure-eight bun. Actually the basic bun style also works for any hair color. But, there is no special about it. That is why figure-eight bun is more desired. This style creates voluminous hair. Moreover, the style is more noticeable. Begin by pulling the hair up on one side and make a low ponytail with it. Leave some strands on both sides to generate a chic look and well-framed face. Form a figure eight by twisting the ponytail several times. Lastly, hold a hairspray.

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Red hair with highlights requires special care so the red color doesn’t fade and go brassy. Use styling products and shampoo specially made for colored hair. If you find difficulty in choosing the best red hues and style for your hair, get inspired from fashionable celebs. Julia Roberts, and Emma Stones, for example, have beautiful red highlights.

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