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Self Wedding Dress for Your Own Wedding

In these modern days, there are a lot of bridal designers making wedding dresses in various styles. We can just ask one of them to design our wedding dresses. Or else, we can easily buy ready dress from department stores or boutiques. Let’s go back to our grandmother’s era in the past. I was quite surprised knowing from my grandma that she made her own wedding dresses. She said that at that time, there were only a few stores selling wedding dresses and designers making wedding dresses. Moreover, the price of a wedding dress was extremely high especially during the World War II. That was why many brides at that time made their own wedding dresses. Aside from the fact that the price of a wedding dress was expensive and there were not many designers, I learned that there are some benefits of making self wedding dress. A wedding will be one of the biggest days of a girl. If we can make the dress ourselves, I believe that the dress will be more valuable and we can remember it all the time. You may think that making a wedding dress is very difficult. I thought the same way too. But, then I learned from my grandma and now I can say that making a wedding dress is a fun thing to do for a bride-to-be.

self designed wedding dress

First of all you have to look for ideas of self wedding dress that you are going to make. You can search for inspirations from bridal magazines, websites, and even visit bridal stores. Some stores do not allow the visitors to take pictures. If this happens, you should prepare your note, so you are able to write anything you need. Try on the dresses you are interested in to see what kind of dress that suits your figure. After you collect a lot of pictures, choose the best one. It is time to design your dream dress. Lucky us now there are some websites that allow us to design wedding dresses online with ease.

self tanner wedding dress

After the design is ready, it is the time to actually make the self wedding dress. Write down the complete measurements with a tape measure. The next task will be shopping for the fabrics and embellishments. Cut the fabric to match the dress pattern that you have made. Next, sew the dress on a sewing machine. Work carefully to make neat stitch.

self made wedding dress

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