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Sexy Wedding Lingerie for Your Big Day

Many brides only focus on selecting the best wedding dress that they do not pay attention to the lingerie. In fact, wedding lingerie is as important as the wedding dress. There are many types of sexy wedding lingerie that every bride can opt for. Because wedding day is a special day, you should also wear sexy lingerie. Pick attractive pieces that match your wedding dress. Think about something new. Never think about wearing your old pair of knickers and bra. They may be very comfy but the look probably is not really attractive. Bear in mind that a wedding is a new day of your stage of life so it is worthy to buy new piece of wedding lingerie. Your new husband will just love sexy lingerie. Surprise him with sexy lingerie when you take off your wedding dress.

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As mentioned above, there are many types of sexy wedding lingerie. They are not only sexy but also practical because lingerie can give the best support for your body when you wear a wedding dress, especially for a strapless bridal gown. Depending on the type of particular wedding dress that you are going to wear, you should choose the best lingerie. Different dress may need different lingerie, too. For example, if you are supposed to wear off-the-shoulder or strapless wedding dress, which is the modern trend right now, choose a bustier or strapless bras. Avoid wearing a traditional bra because it has straps. A bustier is definitely sexier than strapless bras. It also provides more support. A bustier is also perfect for a low-cut back unless the dress is totally backless. If your wedding dress is like this, the best underwear is stick-on bra.

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Alternatively, sexy panties can be options of sexy wedding lingerie, too. A thong panty is idea because it will not create a visible panty line under your dress especially if your dress is made of thin fabric. The better idea is to wear body shaping lingerie because it makes your butt and tummy sexy. Usually it is available and white, red, black, and other sexy colors. Commonly it is made with lace. You can also add tights and stockings. These items are often called as hosiery. Hosiery is considered as traditional yet sexy lingerie. See? There are a lot of options. You can have the lingerie customized so you get the right size and the right style which goes along with the bridal dress.

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