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Short Camo Prom Dress for a Fancy Date

Women often get busy heading a date with their lover, especially if it is a first date. They are sometimes confused what dress to wear. Deciding the right attire for a date, you should consider what the date will like. If he asks you for a dinner in a swanky restaurant, you may need to wear an evening gown. However, most first dates are casual. For such formal dates, you should dress formally, too. A short camo prom dress can be a great idea for a formal date. Actually it is intended for prom. But, some short camo prom dresses are also perfect for a date, too. There are some tips to choose camo dresses that are suitable for a date. Some camo prom dresses are too ornate. They may have a puffy skirt with full beaded bodice. This dress is too much for a date. Choose the simpler dress. The picture below, for instance, is an excellent choice for a date because it has a simple design. Moreover, this dress matches to any men’s formal attire. So, you do not need to worry if your dress and his clothes will clash.

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Most short camo dresses, as you can see in the pictures here, are strapless and knee-length. In fact, there are also camo dresses in different design. They may have asymmetric neckline, base lace top, halter top, button corset, surplice, and many more. Most of the silhouettes are A-line, but just like the bodice there are also other silhouettes of short camo dresses you can pick like baby doll, ball gown, sheath, tiered, etc. Choose a short camo prom dress which underline your best parts and camouflage your imperfection. For the color, camo dresses can have just any colors. Most of them come in green color. But nowadays, some modifications are made. You can find camo dresses in unusual colors like white, orange, purple, and many other colors.

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When you wear a formal short camo prom dress, you should pay attention to the accessories that are worn to complete the dress. Find a pair of shoes or dressy sandals that go well with the dresses. Black dressy footwear is a versatile option to complete your appearance. Or, choose a pair of shoes of formal sandals that have similar colors as your dress. For example, if the dresses have an orange hemline, you will look good in orange shoes, too.

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