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Small Women Tattoo Popular Ideas

Tattoos are increasingly gaining worldwide popularity. They are now considered as something common for both men and women. They are seen as body art with meaningful message or expression. Unlike men who like to have larger tattoos on their body, most women, especially those who try for their first tattoo prefer to small women tattoo. Reasons why women opt for small tattoos are because they are less expensive, painless, and easily hidden on the body. Because the size is small, the tattoos can look appealing of chose wisely. Remember tattoos are permanent. Choose the one that you will love forever. Beginners can start with simple tattoo like stars. Star tattoo can be designed in a little bit intricate and attractive color. Stars can be a stepping stone tattoo. It means latter on when you get ready for a bigger tattoo, this design can be developed. What is good about star tattoos is their versatility. Moreover, these tattoos will never go out of style.

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For feminine tattoo design, women can opt for flower tattoos. Rose is the most popular tattoo for women. But tattoo is something personal. Different flowers bring different meaning. So, choose a particular design for personal meaning. There is no need to follow the trend. Flower tattoo designs come in a various styles from abstract to realistic, from delicate to bold. Another small women tattoo which is feminine is butterflies. They are also very common among women. Usually butterflies are combined with flowers. The meanings brought by butterflies are free spirit and youthfulness. As the alternative for butterflies, you can try dragonflies.

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Sometimes women use tattoos to express their feeling to their loved one. Heart tattoos are often used for this purpose. You can incorporate a loved one’s name in the tattoo like your child’s or spouse’s name. While hearts, flowers, and butterflies belong to women tattoo designs, there are some ideas that are more universal, meaning that they suit both women and men. These ideas are small animals, oriental characters, tribal art tattoos, zodiac symbols, and logos and emblems. These aforementioned ideas can be designed in tiny space. There are also options for women who want to have a tattoo about their religious believe. Simple cross tattoo, for example, is another pretty small women tattoo. Because the tattoos are designed in small scare, they can have them just anywhere such as on the wrists, neck, ankle, and other parts of the body.

small women tattoo ideas

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