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Smart Casual Dress Code for Ladies

The term smart casual is originated from America. This dress code debuted in the beginning of 1920s. At that time what’s called by smart casual was a sleeveless dress with ¾ loose blouses. Now, there are various interpretations for this dress code. One thing for sure is that smart casual dress code is defined as polished but informal. It sticks to the dress code but versatile and comfortable, meaning that ladies can mix and match separates. Usually this dress code is worn for casual office and other professional settings. But, there are also some women who wear this dress code as their every day style. Women also love to dress up in smart casual for a dinner in an upscale restaurant and for a date. You will benefit from this style because you already have most of the pieces in your wardrobe, so you do not need to buy new outfits.

smart casual dress code for women

Smart casual dress code includes the tops and the bottoms. You have a lot of pieces to choose from. For the tops, do not wear tank tops, tube tops, and T-shirts. Remember that this is not casual clothes but smart casual, meaning that the dress code is more than just casual. The tops aforementioned are too casual. Moreover, they are revealing too. Instead wear appropriate tops such as turtlenecks, blouses, and sweaters. You can also wear a blazer or jacket over the top.  Make sure that the tops correspond to the bottoms. The appropriate dresses for smart casual dressing include a skirt, slacks, or formal denim. The bottoms should have neutral colored. You can wear either short or long skirt. For the slacks, wear the ones made of cotton or polyester so that they look polished and neat. It is little bit tricky when you decide to wear denim because if you choose the wrong tops, you cannot get the smart casual look. Denim if combined with t-shirt can look informal. You should find a blazer and other formal tops to pair up the denim.  

smart casual dress code for girls

Smart casual dress code also includes the accessories since these pieces will also determine the level of formality. While high-heeled strappy shoes are too dressy and intended for formal dress code, you can wear mid-heel shoes. Flats are too casual but they are acceptable as long as you find the dressier ones. Make sure the shoes are polished before you wear them. Enhance your smart casual look with simple jewelry.

smart casual dress code for ladies

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