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Smart Casual Dresses Ideas for Ladies

Dressing down a little in with a smart edge is easy. The key for smart casual dresses is to have the right balance between casual and smart. There are some ideas that ladies can consider. Let’s begin with the top. Choose the top carefully to get a smart casual look. A dressy blouse with a glamorous ruffle, for instance, can enhance the smart and elegant appearance. If you think the blouse is too formal, find simpler blouse made of chiffon or silk. For a more casual look, try blocked jumper or a laddered jumper which has a cool color. Even, a polo shirt or a ditzy print tee shirt can look pretty, smart, and casual as well. See? There are a lot of ideas that you can pick. After you decide the top, you should combine it with the right bottom. A pair of jeans is a popular piece for a casual look. But, you should be careful in wearing jeans otherwise your look will be too informal. In order to create a smart looking, find jeans in dark colors and top up your outfit a more formal way.

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A better idea is to wear chino trousers in a bright color such as royal blue or scarlet. This will be a perfect smart casual alternative of smart casual dresses for women. Moreover, chino trousers are now hitting the trend. If you want to enhance your feminine side, team pastel colored chino trousers with a pair of ankle boots or high strappy sandals. Other types of flats and heels can be worn too. If you wear them in summer, find soft colors like pale pinks or baby blues to give a blissful summery feel. If you are going to a casual party, add a touch of glamour by wearing some accessories.

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Aside from chino trousers, women can also wear cargo trousers. These trousers are available in many different stylish fabrics and designs. Slim fit cargo trousers are very popular at the moment. This design is flattering all figures. Pair them up with chunky flay boots for a more casual event or stiletto boots for a casual event with a formal flare. Footwear is indeed an important part of smart casual dresses for ladies. Depending on the way you want to look, whether you want to look relaxed or more structured, choose the right outfits from top to toes to get the smart casual balance.

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