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Victorian Dresses Gothic for Wedding

Victorian dresses gothic is known for Halloween event. In fact, this dress is also getting popular to be used as a wedding dress. It is because gothic style is inspired by the Romantic Movement in the Victorian era. Victorian gothic fashion can somehow give the impression of being a little bit ominous, redolent of the dark streets of London in the early 19th century. The gothic touches can really make a wedding look different in a unique and good way. If you want your wedding to be memorable or you are a fan of gothic culture, you can apply a gothic theme. Find a dress that represents the theme. The wedding dress should be black, paired with the tailored and ascetic look of the era. The dress features full, floor-length skirts. Most of them are ball gown with corseted tops.

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Victorian dresses gothic began to be popular in the mid of 1980s. It was inspired by some romantic novels published at that period. At that time, however, gothic fashion was considered as informal. The style was never used for a wedding or other normal events. Flowing skirts and laced-up corsets are popular gothic items in the century. Usually people paired up the dresses with chunky Celtic jewelry made of silver. Over time, gothic fashion develops greatly because the number of people admiring this style and culture is increasing. Gothic fashion is influenced by other cultures. For example, there’s now a Victorian-doll fashion style inspired by Japanese culture, called gothic Lolita. This style combines gothic with a sweet, nice-looking china dolly.  It is not original anymore but still the gothic culture becomes the predominant element. If you are interested with Gothic Lolita dresses, you can find them at Marui Young department store in Tokyo. Or, you can buy them online for more convenient and practical shopping.

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Wearing Victorian dresses gothic only is not enough. You should also pay attention to your makeup, hairstyle, and accessories to enhance the gothic look. Gothic makeup includes black eyeliner and dark lips with pale skin. You can also polish your nails with dark color. You can either updo your hair or let it flowing. Do not forget the accessories. Black and chunky jewelries work well to strengthen the gothic character. It will be better to apply the Victorian gothic theme to the whole wedding. For example, you can have the wedding venue decorated in this theme and make the invitation in gothic style.

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