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Victorian Lilac Dresses Brings an Elegant Touch to Weddings

Color is an important element to personalize a wedding. Every color has its own meaning and can give particular effect. For example reds and purples add drama while soft pinks offer sweetness. If you want to add a touch of elegances, you can consider Victoria lilac. This color can be used for either bride’s dress or bridesmaid dress. Victorian lilac dresses make the wedding looks romantics. The color of the dress can be combined with other colors to add dimensions to the nuptial palette. One of the colors that go well with Victorian lilac is silver. The combination results in a shimmery quality. The small amount of silver can lighten up the lilac tone of the dress. At the same time, the silver addition can also make the lilac gown looks glowing. Silver color can be added trough a bouquet’s ribbon or in hair ornaments. The combination of silver and Victorian lilac can also be shown on the reception decoration like on the tables and wedding cake.

Victorian lilac wedding dresses

Victorian lilac dresses have dark shade if lilac. They will look more mesmerizing if they are mixed with regular lilac tone. This fancy and cute combination can be applied to bridesmaid dresses. The dresses, for example, may feature lilac sashes and trims. The wedding bouquet can also be adorned with lilac ribbon. For a more dramatic touch, use black to complement Victorian lilac. Used prudently, black can immensely boost the chic factor of Victorian lilac. The use of black should be light-handed and understated. A small addition of black is enough to create drama. A small amount of black in the hair ornaments, bouquets, and sashes complement the Victorian lilac very well. It highlights the pop of the Victorian lilac. Too much black, however, can ruin the beauty of Victorian lilac. While black is used in limited portion in the wedding dresses, it can be used a bit more bountifully the wedding decoration.

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If you want to create a vintage statement, you can mix Victorian lilac and cream. They both belong to understated color but when these two colors are combined, they can create a vibrant mood which is very beautiful. Other colors to complement Victorian lilac include green and pink. These two colors can be found in the same time in the Victorian lilac dresses. These colors go together each other marvelously. It can be concluded that there are many ways to make Victoran lilac look more elegant and wonderful in the wedding.

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