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Wedding Ring Tattoos in Trendy Styles

Just like wedding diamond ring, a ring tattoo also symbolizes commitment of married couple. Many years ago, ring tattoos were only worn for those whose occupations do not allow them to wear a wedding band for safety reasons such as in the military or factory work. In non-traditional wedding, wedding ring tattoos become increasingly popular. Some couples no longer wear real wedding rings but they replace them with ring tattoos. Another reason why people like this idea is because ring tattoos are much more affordable than the real band. Some others still use real wedding rings in the ceremony but after the wedding, they keep the rings and opt for having ring tattoos. Because of the high demand of ring tattoos, right now you can find them in various designs made by tattoo artists. Not all ring tattoos represent a marriage or commitment. There are a lot of tattoo artists who have specialty in wedding tattoos. Depending on the quality of the tattoo, it can be permanent and long lasting.

wedding ring tattoos designs

There are many designs of wedding ring tattoos. The simplest design is solid bands of color. Other popular designs include Celtic artwork like in Claddagh ring, floral, or particular initials. The more ornate the design, the size of the ring tattoos should be larger otherwise the pattern will get blur over time. Talking about the size, it can be customized depending on the wearer’s finger. After you get your finger tattooed, you must follow aftercare correctly. The healing process usually takes one to two weeks. During this healing period minimize direct exposure to sun and m constant motion of the fingers otherwise that tattoo will rip off. Sometimes, ring tattoos may need to get touch-ups over time when the color gets paler. But if it has high quality, usually the tattoo will last longer.

wedding ring tattoos pictures

Ring tattoos are also well-liked by some celebrities such as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, Pamela Anderson and Tom Lee, Paris Hilton and Nick Carter, etc. If you are looking for wedding ring tattoos idea, you can browse the picture of those famous tattoos. Ring tattoos are permanent but it is possible to remove them. In this modern time, there are many techniques to do that. Some of them can be painful. Laser removals are not really painful but they are expensive. It can cost up to $3000. So, are you ready to express your love in permanent ink?

wedding ring tattoos ideas

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