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White Casual Dress for Wedding Reception

When attending wedding reception, the first thing coming to women’s mind is usually what dress to be worn. Depending on the formality of the reception, you should find the appropriate dress. White casual dress is perfect for afternoon wedding. With white dress, you look simple yet pretty. Any women can wear it because white is universal color. Whether you have dark or light skin, dark or blonde hair, slim or curvy, you can always wear it. You can find the dresses in any designs. For the length, usually casual dresses come in short length. They can be minidress, knee length dresses, or mini dresses. Choose the length that you feel comfortable with.

white casual dress for women

For a less casual look, you can pair the white casual dress with colorful accessories and makeup. In a casual and relaxing situation, a flowing knee-length dress with asymmetrical hem seems to be a nice option. Complete your look with colorful pumps or wedges. For casual-formal wedding, look for a lace white dress. For this look, find formal shoes like strappy heels or close-shoes heels. Shoes in colors like white, gold, and silver, are appropriate. Don’t forget to bring a clutch that matches your shoes and accessories. For the makeup, you can either go light or bold. Light makeup includes peach lips, brown blush, and neutral eye. Bold makeup includes daring red lips. Or, you can try nude lips with Smokey eyes. The last looks gorgeous for blonde women. Any hairstyles work for white dress. Since it is casual, it is better to do nothing complicated for your hair. Keep your hair simple without too much hair accessories.

white casual dress for wedding

As discussed above, white casual dress is ideal for morning and afternoon wedding. However, it is not a proper dress for evening wedding reception. Evening wedding is formal. A formal long gown, preferably in dark or bright color is necessary. Although you cannot wear your white dress in a formal evening event, there are still a lot of opportunities to stand out with this dress. As the dress has a casual design, you can wear it for other events such as cocktail party, birthday party, lunch, and the like. Because this white dress is wearable for numerous situations, you must have it at least one piece in your wardrobe. It is even better to have more than one piece. This must-have dress must be owned by any women in any ages.

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