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Look After Your Hair and Beauty

Hair and beauty are the top essentials for all women and it’s important you don’t overdo one as it will have a major effect on the other. Below are a few really simple beauty trends, which you can easily adapt and make a part of your day-to-day life.

Sleep Comes First

No matter how much work there is to be done, but if you’re feeling tired then just go to bed! It’s pretty simple and one of the main factors that affect the skin. Less sleep leads to tired, stressed and dehydrated skin, which is not very pleasant and causes skin to age faster than usual. Due to unhealthy skin, your makeup will not last and probably won’t even come on right. Having the recommended hours of sleep helps skin to heal and revitalize (this usually takes place at night).


Soft and Supple Skin

Skin deserves to be soft and supple so do not deprive it of both these things. A healthy skin results in a healthy complexion, which every lady wishes to have. The top-secret for having soft and supple skin is actually not a secret anymore as many people know it, but still do not follow it. Moisturisers and serums are the number one products for giving you a perfect complexion and lovely smooth skin. Experimenting with different products, such as CC creams, concealers, BB creams, moisturisers and serums is something you need to do to give yourself the healthiest and softest skin. This will also help your makeup stay on longer and makes it a lot easier for you when applying it.

The Orange Lips

Orange and lips or orange and lipstick may sound a little bizarre as they’re two things that are not often put together. However, 2014 doesn’t agree! The New Year brought along a new trend, which features the orange lipstick. When we hear orange we just think the ‘normal’ orange, which is bright, loud and maybe not right for the lips. What we forget is that there are many different colored shades and tones associated with the color orange, which we can take a pick from! NARS Lipstick features a sexy heat wave color, which consists of semi matter orange red; something you may want to try!

nars lips

Exquisite Nude Nails

This is another trend brought by 2014 and is surely worth a try. The nude color is ever so simple and sexy, two rare combinations, which when put together form a truly beautiful sight. Give your nails a classic feminine edge and enhance the look with a matte finish.

nude nails

Tie up the Ponytail!

Another trend introduced with 2014 is the ponytail, which is a simple and exquisite look for both short and long hair. A chic low back ponytail on the nape will help complete your look and have you looking sexy and graceful.


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