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Beautiful Women’s Footwear For Fashion

When it comes to women and accessories, then there are so many that you really go crazy! However, it is important for women to know their accessories well and when it comes to footwear; then these are an essential! Footwear comes in many different styles, designs, colors and textures and it’s important you know them! Read on to discover the different famous footwear for women and the categories they come in.

women's footwear


These come in two main types; heels and flats. Shoes with heels consist of a raised part towards the back of the heel, which allows the ball of the foot to boost up and above the ground. Footwear with heels comes with different inch size and shape of heels. Under this category you will find many styled shoes with a different design, color and material. Next it’s the flat footwear. This type of footwear does not have heels and is flat on the ground. It also comes in a variety of designs, materials, shapes and colors.

Red high heels


If you love to stay in fashion, then this footwear is definitely for you! It is stylish, appealing and attractive. During the cold season is when this footwear is worn the most and completely covers the whole foot. Boots come in different sizes and are usually up to the knees. Boots can be wedged, heeled, or flat and come in various material; fabric, leather and suede are the famous ones. Wedge footwear is really fashionable and consists of a heeled feature with no gap to separate the front of the sole and shoe.

brown leather fashion boots


Sandals come out during the spring and summer and are perfect for casual wear. When it comes to sandals; the variety is numerous as they come in various colors, designs and textures. Sandals can also be designed in many ways; with an open-toe look or a full cover, which covers the upper part of the foot. However, if you’re off to the beach, then a recommending pair would be the Beachside Browsing Sandal.

sandals for the beach

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