Top Five Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The last thing you want to do is have ten minutes to get ready for an event and make a mistake with your makeup! It always happens and results in a low mood throughout the day, which is really not a pretty sight. However, it’s easy to avoid the main errors once you know how, which is why today you’re ... Read More »

28 Valentines Day Nail Art Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Are your nails ready? Get out your February Valentine’s Day nail polish shades like red, pink, silver, gold, and white, and do some cute art! Here are several videos to get you started. You can see how to get 28 different Valentine’s Day nail art designs in these! The first video gives ten different nail ... Read More »

20 Feather Cut Hairstyles For Long, Medium, and Short Hair

Feathered hair has come a long way since the 80s. Current trends for feather cut hair include long layers, messy layers, and wispy bangs. Basically think of feather cut hair as layered hair and how “feathered” it looks comes for the styling. Here are a selection of feather cut hairstyles so that you can find the cut that might be ... Read More »

Three Natural Face Mask Ingredients

Face masks are there for a reason and it’s important we treat our skin to this lovely luxury! When it comes to ingredients and face masks, then the best face masks that make a real difference to the skin are the natural ones; as they are chemical-free. There is so much to use and choose from for when it comes ... Read More »

Three Unique Beauty Trends for This Year

When it comes to beauty many things matter; these include diet, lifestyle, health, fitness, hair and makeup. It is important none of these factors are missed as one has a big impact on the other.  When it comes to unique beauty trends, then the three listed below are ideal to try out and explore to find a healthier and beautiful ... Read More »

Get the Perfect Blush Every Time

Using blush is one of the best ways to enhance your cheekbones, which are pretty hard to miss; meaning it must be done right as it’s an area everyone will see. When it comes to the cheeks, then these only fulfil their purpose when they are covered in a lovely tone of blush. However, when it comes to blush, then ... Read More »

Look After Your Hair and Beauty

Hair and beauty are the top essentials for all women and it’s important you don’t overdo one as it will have a major effect on the other. Below are a few really simple beauty trends, which you can easily adapt and make a part of your day-to-day life. Sleep Comes First No matter how much work there is to be ... Read More »

Three Must-Try Beauty Trends for 2015

beauty trends 2105

We all want to look good and deserve to have a new look every now and again. Just like sticking with the same routine is boring, that’s how it gets if you stick to one regime when it comes to: makeup, hairstyle and skin care. Let this year be an inspiration to trying new looks, trends and products, which will ... Read More »

The Check Trend is Now in!

Very few ladies wear checked clothes, maybe because it is seen as somewhat ‘different’ to many other styles. Checked clothes come in all styles and almost all clothing contains this lovely pattern, but still few seem to be seen in it. However, this season checks are really in and below are different ways you can adapt the new look by ... Read More »

Plus Size Dresses for Women: Cocktail Dress Shopping Tips

Looking for plus size cocktail dresses for women is actually not difficult as I believe that many stores sell them. What makes it a bit harder is to find the fitted and flattering. Luckily, there are always some fashion tips that can guide you finding the timeless little black dress or other dress styles for cocktail party. The easiest way to ... Read More »